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Abigail | Baby on the Move

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Abigail is almost 10 months old and this girl is into EVERYTHING. She started crawling almost two months ago and picked it up very quickly. She’s really close to walking already! She’s crawling a lot sooner than Levi did and is into things that Levi never attempted to get into. Just yesterday, I caught her STANDING ON A BOX, reaching up on a shelf in our living room to pull down a ceramic bowl that we’ve had in the same place practically since we moved in our house over 6 years ago. And then later, she was on a plush chair of Levi’s standing up trying to pull stuff of the same shelf! Levi never attempted anything like that! She’s crawling up the stairs. She’s putting everything she can into her mouth. Levi is what I called a “freak baby” in the fact that he never put anything into his mouth. I have to constantly keep an eye out for her to make sure she isn’t putting small things into her mouth, especially with Levi’s toys around! One of her favorite things is to grab a piece of the bottom of the toilet and put it in her mouth!!! (Insert vomit noise.) I have to keep the bathroom door closed and have cleaned the toilet a number of times to at least attempt to give her something clean to put in her mouth if the door accidentally gets kept open. (UGH)

I attempted to take some lifestyle pictures of her yesterday and got a few, but she quickly saw the camera and wanted to check it out. So she crawled over and started grabbing at the camera. I snapped some pictures of her up close and personal because I thought it was funny and I actually liked how they turned out. So here’s a few of Abigail attacking my camera!

3 months ago -

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tracy - September 27th

Aww look at her go! Love her big brown eyes and her sweet curiousity!

Rose - September 27th

Awww, so cute! I miss my babies being that small 🙂

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