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Amy and Kevin | Rocky’s Lake Estate | Part 1

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Okay, so I’m having some issues with my blog. I was in the middle of uploading files for Amy and Kevin’s wedding when it messed up. I am in the middle of trying to figure it out, but it’s not something I’m super informed about with technology stuff. I had planned on blogging their wedding today, but it isn’t working! I spent probably two hours last night trying to figure it out, but no such luck.

BUT I still wanted to share their wedding! So in an unconventional way, I’m going to share the ones that did upload. It’s going to be a different looking blog post if you follow me regularly. All of my collages uploaded along with a handful of individual pictures, so I don’t have the whole story of the day. It stopped after their First Look portraits, so everything after that is in just a lot of collages. But I figured Amy and Kevin would like to see some of their pictures on the blog and wouldn’t care so much about the rest of the missing pictures for now!

Once I get the blog fixed, I’ll make a new post with all of their pictures. That might be today, but that might also be a week from now. I dunno. So I went ahead and decided to blog these gorgeous pictures from their day. I cannot wait to share more with you! Their wedding day at Rocky’s Lake Estate was gorgeous and they couldn’t have been a more sweet couple to work with!

 First Look with Dad and Brother!  Kevin gets a sweet moment with his Mom before his First Look with Amy Here we go! 🙂   Amy and her Dad skipped down to the ceremony! Mom’s watching their children get married 🙂 They did this beautifully represented Tea Ceremony to represent their relationship with Jesus After ceremony portraits!  Amy and Kevin had the most epic First Dance ever! And now a sweet dance with Dad! And then back to coordinated one with Kevin and his Mom. It was awesome! Lots of great and emotional speeches from friends and family  And then you end the night with an epic fire dancer. Great job Abigail!

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