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Bethany and Luke | The Greystone Estate

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The Greystone Estate | Ballground, GA | September 22, 2017

Can I just start out by saying that Bethany and Luke’s wedding was AMAZING?! Like seriously, I had SO MUCH FUN with these two! You know you’re going to love a bride when at the first phone call without meeting you yet, she tells you she loves your work and she wants to hire you; and then the day of the wedding that she trusts your judgement and will do a handstand in a field if you think it looks good for pictures. And y’all, Bethany was up for anything; and because of it, we got some amazing pictures for them! I loved it! She also proved that at their engagement session, when she said she was cool with a 4 mile hike to do their pictures!

Bethany and Luke met working at Disney World one summer and met thanks to their friends Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. The four of them became GREAT friends and thanks to the Incredibles incredible match making skills, Bethany and Luke started dating! Mr. and Mrs. Incredible were thrilled for them! They even made a cute appearance at their wedding!

I loved all of the sweet details that Bethany planned into the day. Her “something blue” is from her mother’s wedding dress sewn into hers. You will see a sweet picture of it from when she is getting ready. Bethany is someone of a creative and she designed and printed everything herself, from the invites to the thank you cards, to the favor tags, etc. She’s using those UGA photography and design skills! Bethany and Luke had the coolest version of a sand ceremony in which they used paint instead of sand. They took two colors and dripped them over a canvas while the colors mixed together. It was a really cool thing.

The reception was just lots of fun. I enjoyed getting to participate in some dancing as well; but it was super cool when Bethany and the wedding party broke out into a flash mob dance. Luke had NO idea that they had spent the time getting ready for this and Bethany did an amazing job pulling it off! I was super impressed with her dancing, choreography, and singing skills to pull this off!

Bethany and Luke, thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your most special day. I truly loved it. I hope you two had a good cruise and are getting settled into your new home in Honduras for the next several months! I cannot wait to see pictures of this amazing adventure you two will have together! See you stateside!
 Working on her sweet note to Luke  Laughing so hard to keep from crying before her First Look!  Moment with Dad before he sees his bride  Same moment, different photographers = different angles   Can we just say WOW?! (And thank you wind for the timely blowing of the veil and bouquet ribbon) 🙂  A glance back at Mama before Daddy gives her away  Their paint ceremony! So cool!  Y’all, this candied bacon is life giving. I could have eaten a pound of it. And then Bethany puts back on her garter that came off during their walk down the aisle And time for a couple of epic sunset shots!  Luke has this dip kiss down!   That tree at The Greystone Estate is one of my favorite things about this venue Like seriously y’all. Look at this sunset and field and everything! BIG LOVE!  One of my favorite things about The Greystone Estate is this gorgeous field  Cleaning off the feet from walking in the field Why hello there Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. Thanks for joining us at this wedding!  Time for the flash mob!  This group loved some Cotton Eyed Joe! The guys really want Luke’s brother to be the next to get married!  D Street Entertainment rocked and brought down the house!

Thanks to all of the amazing vendors who helped make their day possible!

Venue: The Greystone Estate
Florist: AWS Floral Design
DJ: D Street Entertainment

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Nancy Beres - September 29th

Mandi, you have done a fabulous job of capturing the love, joy and fun that we all shared at this very special wedding. Thank you for showing Bethany’s and Luke’s personalities and their love for one another and for their friends and families. This wedding will live on not only in my memories, but also in you exceptional photography Thank you for preserving this amazing moment.

    mandi - October 4th

    Thanks so much Nancy! I loved the wedding day! Everything was amazing! 🙂

tracy - October 16th

What a joyful day you’ve captured here! The Greystone Estate is a stunning venue, too!

Susan - January 4th

Beautiful couple! Beautiful pictures! Love these!

Julie Humbarger - January 13th

Bethany and Luke wedding photo contest!

Janet McCausland - January 17th

Fabulous pictures that really capture Bethany’s personality! I couldn’t make it to the wedding, but these wonderful pictures really makes it feel as if I was there! Thanks!

    mandi - January 17th

    Awe thanks so much!! This is exactly what I LOVE hearing from friends of my clients. You literally spoke exactly what I share with potential clients 🙂

Kevin - January 17th

Bethany and Luke

Dario - January 17th

Looking great guy’s

Sam - January 17th

Great Photos!!! Congratulations!!! 🙂

Tony - January 18th

Bethany & Luke

Sean Perez - January 18th


Elizabeth - January 18th

They’ve got my vote! Simply gorgeous.

Cassi - January 18th

Bethany and Luke

Jason G - January 18th

Bethany and Luke look great!

Cassie D - January 18th

Bethany and Luke! Beautiful pictures.

allie - May 4th

This wedding was so gorgeous!!!!!!

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