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Patiently Waiting | Prayers Answered

2 months ago - LEAVE A COMMENT

I’ve been keeping a secret, but a really good one. WE ARE ADOPTING!!! I was approached by someone two months ago and asked if Joshua and I had ever considered adoption because there is a baby that […]

Patiently Waiting | A Diagnosis

3 months ago - LEAVE A COMMENT

In June, we officially hit the 2.5 year mark of trying for another baby. It’s weird to think it’s been that long since we started this journey. Never did I imagine the walk we would go […]

Patiently Waiting | Lazarus Moment

4 months ago - LEAVE A COMMENT

Last week, I was reading with Levi from his children’s Bible. We do this every morning and he has his favorite stories that we tend to read on a regular basis: David and Goliath, Joshua and […]