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The Mitchells Ultimate Road Trip | The Overview

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Last month, I had the opportunity to travel on my second annual road trip with Levi. We called our trip last year the Levi and Mama Ultimate Road Trip, but this year we got to add Abigail to the mix, so we had to change the name! If you follow me on social media, namely Instagram, and my personal account @mandimae84, you saw the updates from #themitchellsultimateroadtrip. For the next week, I will be sharing each day what the children and I did on our ultimate road trip. Last year, people called me crazy for taking a 3 year old on a road trip for that long, and this year, people said the same thing, but said I was even crazier, and some called me brave. I think you have to be little bit of both to venture out on your own in a car for 9 days with two children under the age of 5. Levi has always been great in the car and Abigail proved to us this summer when we went to the beach that she can handle 5-6 hours in the car really well, so I wasn’t worried too much about how the car ride would go. I even made sure to break up our drives so that we weren’t in the car more than 4.5 hours in a day. We would stop about 2-2.5 hours in for a break and then finish up our drive for the day. Levi has always been really flexible and Abigail follows in her brother’s footsteps and they both proved to be wonderful on the trip!

Last year, we went our west for our road trip with Branson, MO and the Hutcheson family being our main reason for the trip. We went last year because I thought it would be a couple of years until Abigail would be ready for a long road trip like that! (Well she proved me wrong.) We will make it out there again in the future, but this year I decided to head up the East Coast to visit friends along I-85 and I-95 with Washington D.C. being our end goal.

I am blessed with the fact that I know friends all over the United States. Our trip included six stops of which five we had plans to stay with someone I knew along the way. I had originally planned to go up and back down the same route, but I wanted to mix it up if possible and in doing some research saw that going down I-81 through Virginia and into Knoxville would be the same amount of driving, so I decided to go that way!

With having a nine month old in the car, I didn’t want to push it with her, so while last year we took two days to get out to our end location, I took three days this time. The drive out to Branson is 12 hours and the drive to D.C. is 12 hours, so the drive time and milage were very similar to last year! I recently got into listening to audio books through Audible, so most of my driving was spent listening to a mega book from one of Josh’s and my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson.

I’m already starting to think about where we can go next year! I’m starting to think the trip will need to include a trip to a Six Flags theme park since we went to the St. Louis location last year and the D.C./Maryland location this year! So if you live near a Six Flags and I know you, let me know and we might hit you up!

Here’s how our trip went:
-Monday, July 30: leave for Charlotte. Stay with my cousin Melissa overnight.
-Tuesday, July 31: leave for Apex, NC (outside of Raleigh) to stay with the Ramsay family.
-Wednesday-Thursday: stay with Ramsays
-Thursday, August 2: leave for Culpepper, VA (1.5 hours north of Richmond) to stay with a photographer friend of mine, Michelle.
-Friday, August 3: leave for Washington D.C. area. Spend the day at Six Flags America and then head to the Goldmans.
-Saturday-Sunday: stay with Goldmans
-Sunday, August 5: leave for Roanoke, VA. Stay at hotel in Roanoke.
-Monday, August 6: spend the day touring in Roanoke. Head to Knoxville to stay with friends.
-Tuesday, August 7: visit Mayfield Dairy Farm in Athens, TN and head home!

Here are a few statistics from the trip:
-over 1,600 miles driven
-nearly 26 hours driven in the car (this does not include stops- literal drive time)
-9 to 10 hours of Abigail napping in the car
-15 hours of listening to audio book for Mandi
-4 friends and their families visited
-4 different homes visited
-lots of ice cream eaten
-2 hotels slept in
-6 different museums visited
-1 cavern visited
-lots of trains visited, viewed, and ridden
-4 hours of movies watched by Levi
-1 theme park visited
-lots of hours of Levi coloring and reading in the car
-memories for years to come

In total, we visited 5 states. All were first time for Levi. Last year, I had a lot of first time states; this year, they were all repeats for me, but lots of new locations in those states:
-South Carolina
-North Carolina

Come back later this week and check out our daily trip pictures to see where we were and what we did! I cannot wait to share them all with you!

Traditional selfie to start the trip! Ready to head out and have fun!

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michelle - October 4th

sounds like a great time! Maybe one day you can make it up to Canada for a visit 😉

Jenn - October 4th

What an amazing trip! A wonderful memory to have.

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