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Hello, hello! I am so happy to have you meet me here in my online home! I have enjoyed living in Atlanta my entire life. Since 2008, I have loved taking pictures of couples and families in our beautiful city, but my love doesn’t stop with just pictures. I love my husband, son, daughter, and Jesus more than anything, My mission as your photographer is to serve you beyond just taking your pictures. I cannot wait to become friends with you!

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Josh and I met as freshmen at Berry College. We started out as friends, our friendship developing into more at the end of our freshmen year. We dated most of college and got married in November of 2007 at Berry.  He is my best friend and is such a supporter of my business. He does all of the behind the scenes work for me, and I am ever thankful for it. Without him, I couldn’t run my business. I love you, Josh!

Levi joined our amazing family in September of 2013 and has forever changed our lives. I never knew how amazing it could be being Mama or how awesome it be to see Josh as a Daddy. He lights up my days with his laughter and fun personality. I love watching him learn and grow on a daily basis. He truly is my best buddy. 

Abigail has an incredible story, one that is an amazing provision of God's perfect plan even when we don't initially see it. After some years of infertility, the Lord led us to the adoption of our amazing daughter. She was born in November of 2017 and we could not be more in love. We are so blessed to add her to our family!

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For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with Mexican food. I could eat it at least 3-4 days a week and be completely happy. I make guacamole all of the time at home; and a few years ago I discovered my love and obsession for Chipotle. I've even passed this love to my son as he always asks to go eat at the "chips and salsa place." Seriously, y'all. I have a problem. Who else could join the MFA (Mexican Foodies Anonymous) with me?

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Ever since I was a kid, I have loved running. I joined a track team in elementary school and ran until I graduated high school. My strength was sprinting, and got into distance running a few years ago and just love it all over again. In 2016, I ran four half marathons, making my grand total now seven. And due to an injury, I can't run those long miles anymore, I love getting out with my six year old son and doing a 5k every now and again!



I dragged my feet on Harry Potter for years. I only picked it up my senior year of college because it was a required book for a class I was taking. I didn’t love it. A year later I finally decided to try the rest and finally understood why everyone was so obsessed. Since then, I’ve read through the series too many times to count and visited Harry Potter World multiple times. I can’t wait until my next time I reread the series and get to taste some butterbeer in Hogsmeade!

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If you know anything about the enneagram, I discovered last summer that I am a strong 7w8. One of the biggest things I see over and over for 7's is their desire to travel, even specifically road trips! This could not be truer for me! I take at least one annual road trip with my kids on my own where we travel over 2,000 miles and 30 hours in the car round trip. We have such a blast! We are going on our 6th annual trip this summer and I already want it to be here!

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It’s bad y’all, how much I love ice cream. My clients know how much I love it and give me gift cards to ice cream places. I would eat it daily. I saw an article once that said ice cream for breakfast boosts your brain power for the day. I would so eat ice cream for breakfast if it wasn’t so bad for you! I basically run because of my addiction to ice cream. I even have a shirt that says “I run because I really, really like desserts.” Who else is with me??

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I love cooking for not only my family, but also my clients! One of my favorite services I provide for you as a client is to cook a yummy, homemade meal for you at your timeline meeting before the wedding. My clients always tell me how much fun they have and how much they enjoy my cooking. Let me know what you like and I'll make it for you!



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fun fact 2: I gift my couples with a personalized hand-drawn gift by me.
I love serving my couples in such a special and unique way for their wedding.

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I'm so excited to have you here! I cannot wait to hear from you about your wedding, family session, or other photography inquiry. I love serving my clients and that all starts with an inquiry!

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