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Why Your Wedding Can’t Cost the Same as a Birthday Party

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Last week, I saw a new story from the Today Show and the Rossen Reports on the wedding industry and how much more we charge. He compared a birthday party pricing to a wedding and called […]

For Photographers | Learning Client Names

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Do you like it when someone doesn’t know your name and someone calls you “hey you” or “guy on the end with the red hair?” Yeah, probably not. As a wedding photographer, I meet a new […]

For Photographers | 6 Reasons I Blog so Many Pictures

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If you have followed me for some time, up until a year and a half ago, you know that my blogging was intermittent and not consistent. Part of this was because I was working full-time as […]

For Photographers | Bridal Show Follow-Up

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I have done over a dozen bridal shows over the past seven years. I have done varied ways to follow up with the brides after these shows. I have emailed the brides who have stopped by […]

For Photographers | Wedding Day Checklist

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With wedding season coming back in full swing in just a few months (or even earlier for some of you!), I would love to share with you what’s in my camera bag and what other items […]

For Photographers | 10 Blogging Ideas for the End-of-the-Year

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Most of us as photographers don’t have many weddings in December or January, so we find ourselves looking for different blog posts to keep our blog running during our “slow season” aka off-season. December is a […]

For Photographers | I Love MOO

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Now to clarify, I’m saying, “I love MOO.” Not, “I love YOU.” And to go even further, I’m talking about the business card company, MOO, not the sound a cow makes! I discovered MOO last year […]

For Photographers | It’s All About Perspective

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As a photographer, it is my job to create a picture that speaks to my clients and the people who view my work. The work I create should evoke emotion and make my clients happy. I am […]

For Photographers | Your Brand, Your Face

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For years on social media, the only real place you could find a picture of my face for my business was on my “about me” section of my website. I went to a workshop from Katelyn […]

For Photographers: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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I have a flood of weddings coming up this fall, and I went last week to make sure I have my Wedding Day Emergency Kit stocked up and ready to go! Wedding days are already hectic […]