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This month, Ben and I participated in two different bridal shows with the Georgia Bridal Show. In the past, I have shown pictures of my booths, shown my booth progression over the years, shown how to make a bridal show wall; but I’ve never shown a behind-the-scenes of how we set it up.

There is a lot of work that goes into putting together one of these booths; a lot of man power and strength; a lot of stuff to carry and put together! Ever since I started doing my booth last year in this set up, I had to start renting a 9ft van to carry everything.

Ben and I have a good system now in getting this booth put together. We can normally get it done in around an hour from bringing it all in to complete set up. With the show starting at noon, we tend to get there around 10 or so to get it all together. We’ll take a break and have lunch before the show starts and then meet with the brides from 12-5pm!

We were at the Cobb Galleria on January 3rd and just last Sunday were at the Classic Center in Athens. We have had such a good time meeting with potential brides! We have already booked six brides from the two shows combined! I can’t wait to meet with more brides for consults and talk to more girls (and guys) as we continue to follow-up with them!

All of the stuff we have when we initially show upMMP_3747MMP_3749Most of the furniture isn’t heavy to carry, but that futon is going to be the death of me one day. Ben and I try to find some carts to carry it, but some shows they aren’t big enough to carry that heavy thing. But it’s so worth the effort to bring it in and have for the booth!MMP_3753 MMP_3755 MMP_3756 Ben puts the wall up and puts all of the canvases on the wall while I move the furniture around and put all of the small details together in the booth. It’s a great system we have!MMP_3759 MMP_3761 MMP_3763 MMP_3770 MMP_3775Back in 2014, I forgot my HDMI cord for the TV. Luckily, there is a office supply store down the road. I went and bought one to connect to the TV. When I got back, I realized I didn’t have an outlet to plug BOTH the TV and the computer into. The show only provides one outlet, so I had to leave AGAIN to go get a cord to plug both into. This was before Ben joined me at the shows… luckily I was there early enough to go back twice, but man, that was a stressful start to the day that year! This was the same year I had one of my brides who was supposed to join me have to back out at the last minute. What a beginning to the show!MMP_3777Finished product!


  1. mbarbeau says:

    wow, great job…that looks like a lot of work!

  2. doruhalip says:

    It is so nice to see this! It is like a time laps! I hope you had a great bridal show!

  3. Esther says:

    So awesome! I love seeing large, finished pieces of work. 🙂

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