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Last month I had the amazing and wonderful opportunity to shoot a Brooklyn Bridge engagement session in NYC! Meghan and Nassim are clients of mine getting married in Atlanta, but who live in NYC; so they flew me up for their engagement session in the Big Apple!

I usually do an hour long engagement session with my clients, limiting the session to one location, but flying to New York is so epic that we had to do a full epic day! I flew up on a Thursday night, met Meghan and Nassim for the first time in person, went to an amazing dinner, and then headed to bed for their amazing shoot the next day!

We took pictures starting at 8am for their Brooklyn Bridge portion and headed to Central Park and beyond afterwards! I have so many amazing images from their whole day that I decided to break up their blog posts into a couple of different locations! First up is their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session!

We got up super early on a Friday morning in order to make it over for their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session early and to avoid as many people as possible! Nassim met up with me at the hotel at 7:45am (coffee in hand of course!) and we walked over to meet Meghan at the base of the bridge.

I had been to New York twice prior, but I had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge, so this is one of the iconic places that I now get to check off my list of visiting!

I’m SO glad we started early, because, y’all, this part of their session was amazing! We had moments on the bridge where NO ONE was there! It looked like we had the whole city to ourselves at certain points in the day! And with a city of over 8 MILLION, that’s pretty hard to pull off! I did some creative positioning on my part to hide people, edited some people out, but in general, we really did have the whole bridge to ourselves for a big portion of the time! It was amazing!

After their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session portion of the day, we headed north on the island to Central Park. We rode the subway and took some fun pictures while riding it! Be on the lookout next week for their Central Park engagement session portion!

You know the session is going to be amazing when your first couple of shots have this!dip kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge cuddles on the Brooklyn Bridge engagement session on the Brooklyn Bridge walking on the Brooklyn Bridge Seriously obsessed with this Brooklyn Bridge engagement session!!couple on the Brooklyn Bridge walking on the Brooklyn Bridge See how we have the whole place to ourselves??walking on the Brooklyn Bridge kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge Some of my favorites from their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session! engagement pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge wide shot of kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge So much fun on the subway afterwards!engagement session on NYC subway kissing on NYC subway couple snuggling on NYC subway couple on NYC subway Sit in a corner all by yourself and it looks like we have the whole subway to ourselves!engagement pictures on NYC subway


  1. Katy says:

    Stunning photos! Wow! This makes me miss the big city. How fun that they flew you to New York!

  2. tracy says:

    OMG I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!! Total bucket list session. Can’t wait to see the next installment!

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