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Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club | Douglasville, GA | June 11, 2016

Kim and Josh got married this past weekend at one of my favorite venues. Their Foxhall Resort wedding was amazing! Ironically enough though, I have never taken pictures at this venue for a wedding. However, Ben shot a wedding here almost three years ago for me while I was on maternity leave; plus, I did a styled shoot here just a month ago. So while I haven’t shot a wedding here before, I have had some time with Foxhall and love the venue, so I am very glad to have finally been able to add this venue to my wedding list!

I met Kim and Josh through shooting Alicia and Alex’s wedding. Their moms know each other and they saw the pictures I took for Alicia and Alex’s wedding and contacted me for their Foxhall Resort wedding! We had a blast earlier this year at their engagement session. Josh is a guy after my own heart as he’s a Falcons fan, but he’s married to a Patriots fan! I guess they can overlook that. Hopefully it won’t come up too often in their marriage! haha

Kim and Josh met in undergrad at GCSU and both went to physical therapy school in Florida together. They’re both PT’s! I love it! So cool!! And many of their wedding party went to college with them- I think the bridesmaids told me that 6 of Kim’s 10 bridesmaids were in the same sorority together at school and most of them knew each other ahead of time! This made for such a fun wedding party and a ton of great pictures as a group! I seriously haven’t laughed so hard as I have with this fun wedding party!

Summer days in Georgia can be hot, and this Foxhall Resort wedding did not disappoint! We braved through the weather and took some awesome outdoor pics. We kept cool by drinking lots of water, taking breaks inside, and even letting Kim use my son’s battery-powered fan in my car while we drove with the AC blasting from one location to the next!

For the first time in over 6 years, I didn’t have Ben joining me at a wedding. He had a wedding to attend as a guest prior to booking this one, so I brought along a different person with me this time. It was weird not having Ben, but if I had to shoot without him, Evie could not have been a better replacement for the day. She simply rocked it out and was the best help all day long! Thanks Evie for all of your amazing help during the day! And congrats to Kim and Josh! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special Foxhall Resort wedding!

Kim and Josh-134 Kim and Josh-28 Y’all, look at those shoes!! I love the glitter! This is the year of the gorgeous shoes!2016-06-13_0001 Kim and Josh-4Kim and Josh-139 Kim and Josh-8Kim and Josh-14Kim and Josh-1362016-06-13_0003 Kim and Josh-7 Kim and Josh-16 Kim and Josh-140 Kim and Josh-2 Kim and Josh-11 Kim and Josh2016-06-13_0002Kim and Josh-6 There was lots of organized chaos in the bridal suite!2016-06-13_0053 Kim’s girls put together a scrapbook with pictures and letters to Kim. She was trying not to cry when I took this picture of her! (Not covering her face to hide from me!) Kim and Josh-147 Kim and Josh-150 Kim and Josh-137 Kim was the sweetest- she gave her family members presents on her wedding day. This was a sweet moment of Kim giving her mother her gift.2016-06-13_0027 Kim and Josh-163 Josh opening up his gift from KimKim and Josh-141 Kim and Josh-146Kim and Josh-18 2016-06-13_0010 2016-06-13_0043 Dad’s First Look. I loved it!2016-06-13_0011 Kim and Josh-24Sister, Kaitlyn and Mom getting emotional during Daddy-Daughter First LookKim and Josh-165 2016-06-13_0044Kim and Josh-54Handkerchief’s she gave both of her parents. So sweet!Kim and Josh-93 And now Kim getting to open her gift from Josh2016-06-13_0045First Look! I LOVE it!2016-06-13_0046 Kim didn’t get to give Josh his letter when she gave him the present, so he got to read it and open up one more small present during their First LookKim and Josh-168 Kim and Josh-169 Kim and Josh-36 2016-06-13_0005 Kim and Josh-171 Kim and Josh-37 2016-06-13_0012 Kim and Josh-174Kim and Josh-176 Kim and Josh-40 2016-06-13_0033 Kim and Josh-39 2016-06-13_0013Kim and Josh-35 2016-06-13_0031 I LOVED the back of her dress! So pretty!Kim and Josh-192Kim and Josh-53 Kim and Josh-66 2016-06-13_0038 2016-06-13_0036 Kim and Josh-56 2016-06-13_0030 Kim and Josh-3Kim and Josh-200Kim and Josh-63 So cool story about these pictures- taken at the same time by both of us. Two VERY different views and angles! Why I always love having a second shooter with me… even if it isn’t Ben! I LOVE Evie’s shot on the left!2016-06-13_0029 Kim and Josh-62 Kim and Josh-67Do y’all see that succulent in her bouquet?? 2016-06-13_0034 Kim and Josh-65 Kim and Josh-1872016-06-13_0049 Kim and Josh-148 Kim and Josh-51 2016-06-13_0048 Kim and Josh-198Kim and Josh-1972016-06-13_0007 Kim and Josh-91 I loved their fun socks! One of Josh’s groomsmen designed them all! There was even a 1996 Olympics one!Kim and Josh-70 Kim and Josh-71 Kim and Josh-74 2016-06-13_0006 Kim and Josh-75 2016-06-13_0009 Kim and Josh-76 2016-06-13_0008 Kim and Josh-80 Kim and Josh-82 2016-06-13_0051 Foxhall Resort wedding 2016-06-13_0014 Kim and Josh-87 2016-06-13_0050 Kim and Josh-88 2016-06-13_0015 Kim and Josh-89 Foxhall Resort wedding Kim and Josh-83 2016-06-13_0032 Kim and Josh-81 2016-06-13_0026 Kim and Josh-153 2016-06-13_0035 Kim and Josh-94 Kim and Josh-95 Kim and Josh-96 Kim and Josh-211 Foxhall Resort wedding Kim and Josh-213 Y’all, I LOVE this dip kiss!Kim and Josh-214 Kim and Josh-215 I normally don’t post recessional pics of the wedding party, but this one had to be shared- fishhook and all!Kim and Josh-216 Kim and Josh-98 We took a few more pictures after the ceremony while people were eating. The sunset was gorgeous!Foxhall Resort wedding Kim and Josh-105 2016-06-13_0052 Foxhall Resort wedding 2016-06-13_0018 Foxhall Resort wedding 2016-06-13_0024 Kim and Josh-44 I loved all of the details for the reception!2016-06-13_0028 2016-06-13_0017 2016-06-13_0047 Kim and Josh-112 2016-06-13_0037 2016-06-13_0016 2016-06-13_00042016-06-13_0042 Kim and Josh-113 Kim and Josh-114 2016-06-13_0023 Foxhall Resort weddingKim and Josh-115 Kiss the wife….wipe off the lipstick2016-06-13_0020 2016-06-13_0021 Kim and Josh-227 Kim and Josh-229 2016-06-13_0022 Kim and Josh-231 Great best man speech by Kurt!Kim and Josh-233 Kim and Josh-234 Spin the bottle at the reception. Landed on you and you had to dance- it landed on me once and I even went out there- cameras and all!2016-06-13_0019 Donut man at the reception! It was sooooo yummy!2016-06-13_0040 Kim and Josh-1292016-06-13_0025 Kim and Josh-235 2016-06-13_0041 2016-06-13_0039We snuck out towards the end of the evening for a few nighttime shots. I loved this one under the arbor! Kim and Josh-236 And then this awesome shot!
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Thanks to the awesome vendors!
Wedding/Reception Venue: Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club
Florist and Caterer: Atlanta’s Finest Catering
Wedding Dress: Anya Bridal
Wedding Coordinators: Lorie Bomar & Wendy McKown of AFC
Hair and Makeup: Charmaine’s
DJ: Exquisite Sounds Entertainment
Videographer: Two Mile Post
Cakes: A Piece of Cake
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Groom/Groomsmen: Jos. A Bank


  1. mbarbeau says:

    gorgeous wedding photos and I love the location, the wooden doors of the building make a wonderful backdrop for photos. The bride’s shoes are amazing, i love bling! 🙂

  2. Esther says:

    What a spectacular wedding! Her dress and shoes are gorgeous!!

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