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January 27, 2017

Snow Day | Roswell Mill

Georgia’s weather during the winter is just crazy stupid. One week it’s in the 70’s, the next week we have temps in the 20’s and we have rain in the afternoon that turns to snow by the evening. AND THEN the next week, it’s back up in the 70’s again! It is absolutely absurd the drastic changes in weather we have around here. So while this past weekend it was gorgeous and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt to go hiking in, earlier this month, it snowed and we were bundled up.

Now, we don’t get much snow here in Georgia often; so when we do, everyone gets excited. And when the weatherman forecasts that it will snow 2-4 inches, everyone gets really excited. I posted in my Mandi Mitchell Photography Facebook group a few days before it snowed that anyone willing to venture out with me in the snow to the mill on Saturday morning could get a free set of pictures. Hailey and Matt are one of my couples from a year and a half ago, and they jumped at the chance to do the fun snow pictures at the Roswell Mill! (Or Hailey jumped at the chance and Matt is an awesome husband!)

Well, those forecasts were way off on the amount of snow we got. Most areas got barely a dusting that stuck in flower beds. In Roswell, we got just enough to cover the ground, even at the Roswell Mill. Well that slight covering was just enough to look good in pictures, so we ventured out and got some fun pictures!

We did Hailey and Matt’s engagement pictures at the Roswell Mill a few years back, so it was fun to head back over there with them this time in the snow! I made sure to walk around the Roswell Mill at almost completely different parts of the mill in order to get them new and different location pictures. Thanks to Hailey and Matt for coming out with me and giving me some fun snow pictures! I had such a good time getting to take your pictures again!

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