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The Venetian Room | Atlanta, GA | March 19, 2016

What can I say about Natalie and Brian? Goodness… I just loved this couple so much! Natalie and I met at the Georgia Bridal Show last January of 2015. We talked at the show and we both knew immediately that I was going to be her wedding photographer and that we would have an amazing time in the process. Natalie even told me at the wedding that people asked her where she found me and told them at the show and that within five seconds of meeting me that she knew I was going to be her photographer. 🙂 I met Brian with her a few weeks later for a consult and the rest is history!

We had an amazing time last March at their engagement session at the Goat Farm; and I can distinctly remember talking about the plans and her saying, “I have a whole year to plan the wedding!” Well that whole year flew by and here I am blogging their wedding! I literally feel like we just did their engagement pictures last week! And in that year, I have gotten to know Natalie; and can I tell you how much I love this girl? I had so much fun becoming not only her wedding photographer, but her friend in the process. We texted and talked on a regular basis throughout the year, mostly about Levi and how cute he is, but about other stuff as well!

Their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect! The weather was gorgeous, though slightly windy outside, and the venue was amazing. I would love to definitely shoot at the Venetian Room again! I had SO MUCH FUN with the bridal party and getting to know her girls. We laughed and joked throughout the day, and I even cut the rug and got on the dance floor with them later in the evening! I left the wedding smiling so big from all of the fun I had with them.

Natalie made my day yesterday and week when she called me, yes called me two days after her wedding, to simply tell me how much she loved having Ben and me there and how we couldn’t have done a more amazing job. She hadn’t even seen any of the pictures I posted at her reception slideshow and knew she was happy with her decision to have us there. Her words rang so true to what I want my business to be about in serving my clients in such a way that they look back and say “my wedding day couldn’t have been the same without Mandi and Ben there.” And Natalie calling me yesterday spoke to that mission I have. Natalie, I love you girl! 🙂

Thanks so much to the two of you for allowing Ben and me to be a part of your special day. I cannot wait to hear about your amazing honeymoon in Bora Bora!!!

2016-03-22_0001 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-180 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-175 2016-03-22_0002 You guys, she had Kate Spade KEDS as her wedding shoes! I LOVE IT!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-172 2016-03-22_0037I loved this room and getting to take her dress pictures in here!
Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-194 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-5 2016-03-22_0028 Gorgeous bouquet!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-47 I loved her invitation! And those shoes again… 🙂2016-03-22_0027 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-2 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-29 2016-03-22_0030 The groomsmen’s gifts were really nice. Each guy got a different one in their box.2016-03-22_0055 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-7 2016-03-22_0036 Thanks Venetian Room for an amazing venue! 2016-03-22_0057 Ben and I walked into the bridal suite where they were getting ready at the Mariott to realize it was the same room we took pictures in at our last wedding in November for Savannah and Eric! What are the odds?Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-188 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-106 2016-03-22_0011 Golly, I always love the getting ready shots he gets! So good!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-191 Hugs from the mother-in-law! I love it!!2016-03-22_0010 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-104 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-302016-03-22_0059Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-196 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-32 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-31 2016-03-22_0022 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-107 Dad gets a First Look as well!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-128 I loved everything about their First Look! The room, their reactions, the smiles, everything!!!2016-03-22_0012 2016-03-22_0054 2016-03-22_0021 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-117 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-203 Oh I love Natalie’s face here! She’s so happy to see Brian and marry him!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-35 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-200 2016-03-22_0013 These next two shots are really cool and why I love having Ben with me at all weddings. I took the shot from above while Ben went down and took his version of the same exact shot!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-205 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-211 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-17 I loved the ceiling of this building. It looked so cool!2016-03-22_0063 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-213 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-37 2016-03-22_0042Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-13 Natalie, you are simply gorgeous!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-209 Probably my favorite of the day. I love this shot!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-221 2016-03-22_00402016-03-22_0053 The clors of her flowers and everything was gorgeous! Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-204 2016-03-22_0017Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-162016-03-22_00162016-03-22_0014Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-118 2016-03-22_0043 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-123 2016-03-22_0015Oh and I love this one as well. Such a sweet moment!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-206 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-220 2016-03-22_0003 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-219 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-14 2016-03-22_0020 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-137 2016-03-22_0052 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-182 2016-03-22_0041 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-53Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-225Good old Beatles walkVenetian Room Atlanta Wedding-227 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-2262016-03-22_0062 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-56 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-126 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-127 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-66 2016-03-22_0038 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-67 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-19 2016-03-22_0018 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-229 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-18 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-68 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-235 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-234 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-233 2016-03-22_0050 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-232
Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-69Time to get married!2016-03-22_0034 2016-03-22_0056 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-132 2016-03-22_0024 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-131 2016-03-22_0058 You may kiss the bride!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-241 2016-03-22_0035 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-84 We snuck outside after family pics for a few more portraits since she had her veil on. Let’s just say that the wind caused us a little bit of a headache in trying to get pictures… so much so, Natalie’s veil kept flying off her head! I took my hair clips off of my bangs and clipped it to her hair. It kept it on for a few pictures! 2016-03-22_0060 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-187 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-138 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-242 2016-03-22_0019 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-243 Can we talk about how cool this cake is?? She saw it online and loved the idea of having a split bride and grooms cake, so she asked Publix (whose cakes are AMAZING) if they could do it and sure enough, this is what they came up with for her. I think it’s the most unique cake I’ve ever seen! Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-21 2016-03-22_0029 2016-03-22_0039 2016-03-22_0051 Awesome photobooth set up with great props!2016-03-22_0007 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-89 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-20 2016-03-22_0033 2016-03-22_0023 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-245 2016-03-22_0048Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-147 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-91 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-27 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-146 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-144 2016-03-22_0032 Sweet hug with Dad before the dance startedVenetian Room Atlanta Wedding-149 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-94 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-95 2016-03-22_0047 2016-03-22_0046 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-156 Will had everyone cracking up!2016-03-22_0008 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-157 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-98 Awesome toast from Stacie!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-158 2016-03-22_0009 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-160 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-167 I just love their laughter- they were like this all day long!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-58 2016-03-22_0061 2016-03-22_0005 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-71 2016-03-22_0049 2016-03-22_0025 Sweet Caroline… bah, bah, bah…Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-62 2016-03-22_0045 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-42 2016-03-22_0026 2016-03-22_0004 I’ll just leave this right here 😉Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-73 2016-03-22_0044 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-79 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-78 2016-03-22_0006 Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-81 Oh I love it! So much excitement!!Venetian Room Atlanta Wedding-80Thanks to the amazing vendors who worked with me at this amazing wedding!

Wedding/Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Florists: Floral Creations Florist, Inc.
Venue: The Venetian Room
Makeup: Laura Wright
Caterer: The Venetian Room
DJ: Complete Music
Groom/Groomsmen: Saavi Formalwear
Cake: Publix
Photobooth: TNT Fun Times

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  1. Taylor says:

    So pretty! I love the tones to you images. 🙂

  2. Tamsin Wright says:

    Gorgeous!!!!!! I love everything about these! There is such nice clarity in these shots. Those shoes are so fun- I totally need some Kate Spade Keds now!

  3. L-O-V-E the photos. Such attention to detail. They seem like a sweet couple, too!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding and you captured it incredibly!

  5. mbarbeau says:

    these wedding photos are gorgeous, great job Mandi! That cake is amazing, did you get to taste some? 😉

    • Um yes… Michelle! It came from a grocery store down here called Publix who have an amazing bakery. I have a rule for myself that I only eat cakes from Publix at weddings, b/c I would eat too much otherwise! 🙂

  6. Esther says:

    Beautiful wedding photography!

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