Red Top Mountain | Camping Trip 2018

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July 9, 2018

Red Top Mountain | Acworth, GA | July 7-8, 2018

Last summer, we took Levi on his first camping trip to Red Top Mountain. He had watched a Curious George episode and was fascinated with sleeping outside and getting to cook over a campfire. We had SO much fun that we said we would definitely do it again! Well, summer came and went and we started preparing for Abigail and one thing after another with my busy wedding weekends and we didn’t get a chance to go again before she was born and then it was too cold to go in the late fall/winter. Then add a newborn into the mix and we weren’t going camping anytime soon. So here we are exactly a year later to the day in which we took him that we went again. We even stayed in the same exact camping spot as last time at Red Top Mountain! Abigail stayed home with the grandparents for the night and we were blessed with some fun one-on-one time with our big boy.

The first thing he asked when I told him we were going camping was, “Do I get to cook marshmallows again?” I told him, of course he did! He asked me how many he had last year and I told him two, so he said, “I’ll have two again. That’s a good number.” He had two smores and two marshmallows in all and he loved every bite! So much so that he licked his roasting stick completely clean! Joshua and I laughed as we watched him wondering how long he would be dedicated to the task.

Before the marshmallows and fun cooking out, we did a nature hike in which I brought his V-Tech camera I purchased for him at Christmas. I made a list of things I knew we would most likely see on our hike for him to find and take pictures of as we hiked. I knew he would love this, but I had no idea HOW much he would love it. Y’all, he kept jumping for joy and exclaiming so loud when he would find an item on our list. It was so much fun to watch him enjoy this activity so much. After a while, we found most items on our list (except for a squirrel and bird ironically enough) and he handed the camera to me so he could hike without it. He loves to run ahead and run back to us. He often will hold our hands while we hike. It’s so much fun! And now that he’s getting older, he doesn’t need to be carried anymore (nor can I anymore with how big he is!), he can hike 2-3 miles pretty well without getting too tired.

We had such a blast with him and loved our special time with him. We’ll for sure be adding more camping trips to our list as the kids get older and bring Abigail with us! I know she will love camping as much as her big brother!

 Taking pictures of a red leaf  Looking for a pinecone Now taking pictures of some pine straw  He was very excited to see and take a picture of the trail marker!  Sweet boy holding Daddy’s hand  He got very excited when we saw the big rock to take pictures of as well as the fallen down tree.  Taking a picture of Mama taking a picture of him.
[This was shortly before he stepped in an ant bed. Thank goodness I saw them on his legs before he got bit more than once.] Time to cookout hotdogs and smores!  Enjoying his marshmallows and smores  Fun time before bed [gently] catching lightening bugs

  1. tracy

    March 14th, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    what a fantastic experience! looks like he enjoyed it so much! such great memories!

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