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In the past, Ben and I have always been so bad about taking behind the scenes pictures of the wedding day. At the end of last year, I decided that I wanted us to take more behind the scenes pictures in order to show y’all our perspective from weddings. You get to see what it takes to get some of the pictures we take and get to see us at work on the wedding day! Plus, it would be fun do a fun BTS blog post. Well… we shot 21 weddings last year. Let’s just say we had a lot of opportunities for some awesome behind the scenes shots! I will for sure be making this an annual tradition!

I love getting to look back at all of the weddings from this year and laugh at how ridiculous I look in so many of these pictures. I LOVE dancing at weddings and often make really silly faces while doing it. I am often dancing at the weddings with my girls! And don’t worry, I’m still taking pictures while I’m out there dancing! Somehow Ben has gotten a lot of me with weird faces, but I have none of him… I’ll have to change that next year and capture some of him that are slightly embarrassing. 😉

behind-the-scenes-2Ben: the ever constant (and awesome) dress fluffer jessica-and-sean-wedding-32017-01-01_0001Ben is constantly capturing pictures of me dancing with my brides. I LOVE dancing at weddings!carly-and-george-wedding-72 …and I often make really weird faces while dancing…natalie-and-brian-wedding-353bhs-caroline-and-nick-3

kim-and-josh-weddingNatalie and I are good friends now…natalie-and-brian-wedding-378More dress fluffingbhs-caroline-and-nick-2Prepping the detail shotsbehind-the-scenes-32017-01-01_0002 2017-01-01_0003 2017-01-01_0004jessica-and-sean-wedding-22017-01-01_0005 Hopped on the couch to give instructions on how to sit and pose- not sure what I was saying specifically herekristian-and-lance-wedding-2…more silly dancing facesnatalie-and-brian-wedding-355 Sometimes I help get the bride dressed!2017-01-01_0006Can anyone see here Ben is??cindy-and-slav-weddingashley-and-dan-weddingbehind-the-scenes-6-copybehind-the-scenes-6behind-the-scenes-44Pinning boutonnieres on the guysbehind-the-scenes-55behind-the-scenesbhs-caroline-and-nickvictoria-and-chase-weddingI might have hit my elbow in the cake while telling Carly and George how to cut it. She thought it was hilarious!carly-and-george-wedding-147cindy-and-slav-wedding-2sha nnon-and-matt-wedding-411deandra-and-stephen-weddingAlways dancing…jessica-and-sean-wedding-468jessica-and-sean-weddingkristian-and-lance-weddingnatalie-and-brian-wedding-385 shannon-and-matt-weddingshannon-and-matt-wedding-413



  1. Simi says:

    This is sooo cool to have a blog of the behind the scenes shots! Genius actually!

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