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Last year, I did my first ever behind the scenes set of pictures for the blog. I loved getting to show some fun and funny behind the scenes pictures! This year is no different. I had a few smaller weddings I shot on my own this year, so I didn’t have any behind the scenes with those seeing as I was working on my own at those weddings, but the ones I had Ben and Evie with me, we took some behind the scenes shots!

I had an amazing 2017 and loved every one of my clients. You get to see what we capture on camera, but it’s definitely fun to see some of what goes on behind the camera to get those pictures! Check out the captions above the pictures to see what is going on.

Thanks to my team of Ben, Evie, and Erin for an amazing 2017 and for capturing many of these fun behind the scenes pictures!

Ben, the ever awesome, dress fluffer. Gotta get that height to drop it perfectly!  Directing traffic… or deciding where to take more pictures with Katie and Matt in downtown Columbus Never a dull moment with kiddos around!  The teacher in me comes out when directing family pictures. I get it done! Weird shot of me as Ben captures guests dancing! I swear I’m checking the pictures on the back of my camera and not playing on my phone 😉 Giving Allison and Shawn direction where to stand? What an attractive shot of me… haha. Thanks Evie! 😉  How many photographers does it take to take pictures?And sometimes Ben catches me in the background of a picture checking my settings…Making good use of my emergency kit with the scissors in there! I love this next set that Ben captured of me in Mayra’s veil  Details, details, details Trying to hide my arm behind me as I take a picture of Bethany’s dress in a mirror. I didn’t want to get my arm in the shot! Ben, what are you doing in that big field all on your own? Showing Bethany same day slideshow preview pictures! Definitely a favorite of the year!Golf cart chauffeur! I know how to drive one of these babies really well now after years of weddings!More dress fluffing from Ben! Back of camera preview for Meredith!  I love dancing with my brides and their bridesmaids!Evie catching me standing on the chair in the hotel room! Hey there Evie!I guess Evie was getting her lighting set up right and took this of me? HA! And now Erin’s turn to be my lighting test subject! Last wedding of the year, last behind the scenes shot of the year… gotta do what I gotta do to get a shot!


  1. tracy says:

    Super fun blog post Mandi! I love behind the scenes shots. I’m a solo shooter so I hardly have any of myself! Happy new year!!

  2. Mayra says:

    All these are so much fun … brings back great memories!!

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