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July 3, 2015

I absolutely love taking senior pictures. Even more so, I love taking senior pictures of my former students. As a middle school teacher for seven years, I have former students who are graduating each year! My first year of students are now going to be seniors in COLLEGE next year!

Allie was a part of one of my favorite classes that I ever taught at AMMS; and her class in particular, 3rd period, was one of my favorite groups of all time. The dynamic of that group and how they interacted with each other and me made for a fun time every time I had them. I loved Allie’s enthusiasm and willingness to participate in class. I loved her fun personality and how hard she worked in class.

It’s been a joy and privilege to watch her grow these past five years. I can hardly believe she’s graduated from high school and about to leave for UGA in a month or so. She’s one the sweetest, most caring individuals I know; and I am so happy to have been able to teach her and keep in touch over the years. I was beyond thrilled when she called me in May to do her senior pictures. It took us a few weeks to get a date lined up to reveal her pictures, but we finally met yesterday, which means I can now blog about them!

Allie, girl, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I know you will do amazing as a Dawg next year. I can’t wait to visit you in Athens and hear how awesome you’re doing! Thanks for trusting me to take your senior pictures!

BJL_4541 BJL_4917 2015-05-28_0001 BJL_4657 2015-05-28_0002 BJL_4704 2015-05-28_0005 BJL_4905 2015-05-28_0007 BJL_4547BJL_4916 2015-05-28_0009 BJL_4745 2015-05-28_0008BJL_4805 BJL_4858 2015-05-28_0003BJL_4840 BJL_4900 BJL_4886 BJL_4941 2015-05-28_0004 BJL_4860 BJL_4554 2015-05-28_0006 BJL_4929 BJL_4976

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