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June 16, 2020

Our first full week of summer started out with a bang! We did an at home baking camp. The kids had an absolute blast! Levi participated in a baking camp two summers ago with the Roswell Recreation Department where he had a week of baking. We didn’t do it last year due to our schedule and he asked about it this year. I decided the cost and driving nearly two hours round trip with drop off and pickup weren’t worth the time or money, so I had already planned to do one at home before COVID happened. Levi loves baking and cooking with me, so I knew we would have a fun time doing it at home.

We didn’t do anything on Memorial Day since Daddy was home and the kids spent a day at their grandparents, so we had three days of baking camp with a total of 5 different items we baked. All in all, we had a great week and had lots of fun!

Day 1: No-Bake Oreo Day- our first day of baking camp was a no-bake day! We used Oreo’s for our first day to make some yummy treats. We first made “Dirt in a Jar” which consisted of crushed up Oreo’s, chocolate pudding, and some yummy goodies to make it look like worms and grass.

Our second no-bake item was our favorite Oreo Balls which consist of cream cheese, crushed up Oreo’s, and melted white chocolate. This first day was a big hit!

Crushing up the Oreo’s for the no-bake items Rolling the Oreo’s into balls Making the pudding for the “Dirt in a Jar” Licking the pudding off is the best part Cheers! Pouring the white chocolate onto the Oreo balls

Day 2: Strawberry Shortcake Day- We did a breakfast baking day. Levi saw on the back of our baking mix box a handful of recipes and he chose the “Strawberry Shortcake” one. It wasn’t a traditional shortcake as it was more of a sweet biscuit, but they loved making and eating it! We had fresh picked strawberries from our week prior to the strawberry farm and made some homemade whipped cream to go on top.

Day 3: Dessert Imposters and Pizza– Our last day of baking camp was two baking items (since the kids had been at the grandparents for one day). We did something called Dessert Imposters where you make something using dessert items, but make it look like something else. We got the idea from Kids Baking Championship on Food Network. We made “tacos” using crepes as the tortilla, brownies as the ground beef, white chocolate as the white cheese, Airheads as the lettuce, and our homemade strawberry jam as the salsa. I’ll have to say, minus the Airheads, it was actually a good dessert!

We made our own pizza dough for the first time ever and had yummy homemade pizza for dinner!

Making the brownies for our Dessert Imposter Now onto making the pizza dough while the brownies baked After we let the dough set and rise for an hour, we set to making our pizza! And finally onto our Dessert Imposter after dinner! Enjoying the fruits of our labor Our “taco.” I feel like if the lettuce wasn’t so candy looking, the whole thing would look like a real taco if you didn’t know!

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