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It’s time for my 6th annual Behind the Scenes post! Feel free to check out some of my fun Behind the Scenes posts from the past!

I love showing y’all some behind the scenes of what goes on with MMP on a wedding day. This post will include some flattering and not-so-flattering pictures of yours truly. I am so thankful to my amazing team for capturing these fun pictures to give you a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes! I shot a couple of weddings on my own this year, so I have some of them that weren’t covered with behind the scenes shots, but I have a good bit to share!

I help my couples with cake cutting. We fluff their dresses. We fit hair. We pin unhooked capes to wedding dresses! Lots of pointing and directions. Scroll down and you’ll see me even putting some make-up on a bride for a quick touchup during pictures! I do it all!

My favorite BTS pictures have quickly turned into the ones my team captures when I present my girls with their hand-drawn wedding gift. Their reactions are always so genuine, even the ones who know the gift is coming (they know from posts like these and social media) and literally make my day, so make sure you scroll down to see those reactions we captured this year.

I like to laugh at myself, so here I go sharing a ton of silly and ugly shots my second shooters have captured over the year! Thanks Evie and Ben for my 2022 behind the scenes shots!

We often use each other to test lighting Lots of pictures helping our couples! “Here’s how you cut your cake.”  “You go down here and stand like this.” Here I am helping Kayla with a little makeup retouching! Again, giving directions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a bouquet hit a chandelier or rafter. I always point out to watch where they throw it!More dress fluffing and fixingBTS images of us working Yep! I did this in order to center up the picture of the wedding party and get a wide enough shot. Scroll down for the results! Sometimes Evie gets in the pictures with the veil toss. Not as many as last year! In the past, we have gotten a lot of “flattering” images of me. This year, there weren’t all that many.Gifting my girls their hand drawn gifts from me. Kylie wins for the best reaction of 2022!! You can tell I’m excited at how excited she is! Cindy knew hers was coming. We have been friends for years, but she didn’t know WHAT I drew her until I showed her. Side by side comparison of the picture while happening and the picture I took. I love this part of the behind the scenes post!  Me showing Justin how NOT to choke Claire when doing the sweet hug pose! haha Here we go! Here’s my shot I got by standing here for ALL of the wedding party pictures! You can see by my background that there were TONS of people everywhere. I was limited with spots and made it work! haha How I make the details magic work! Hotel lobby with veil on a chair while this was on the floor!


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