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It’s time for my 5th annual Behind the Scenes post! Feel free to check out some of my fun Behind the Scenes posts from the past! I thought we were going to say that 2020 was the craziest year with weddings, and while I do agree with that statement, 2021 was not that far behind! Thankfully none of my 2021 brides had to reschedule their weddings and I finally got to celebrate with my 2020 brides who had to reschedule for 2021! It’s been a crazy two years in the wedding industry to say the least, but we are making it happen!

I love showing y’all some behind the scenes of what goes on with MMP on a wedding day. This post will include some flattering and not-so-flattering pictures of yours truly. I am so thankful to my amazing team for capturing these fun pictures to give you a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes! I shot a couple of weddings on my own this year, so I have some of them that weren’t covered with behind the scenes shots, but I have a good bit to share!

I like to laugh at myself, so here I go sharing a ton of silly and ugly shots my second shooters have captured over the year! Thanks Evie for my 2021 behind the scenes shots!

The ever amazing veil toss shots! Oh Shannon! I love you! Best former bride and matron of honor, ever! Fluffing the dress to get it just right! Getting ready for the First Look! Directing Taylor on a couple of options on how she can get Brad to turn around! What a cute pose! Evie caught me in while taking cake pictures! The venue coordinators at The Greystone always rock it out! Ashley was helping like a rockstar! Always directing the wedding party! Testing our light… a lot! And constantly helping our couples! “Hey Nassim! SO excited to see you!” Helping Meghan make sure lipstick isn’t on her teeth and then subconsciously making sure I didn’t have any! haha Gifting my brides their wedding day gifts from me! And then there’s these… the amazing ones we get of each other making really weird faces… especially me!


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