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JD and Stefania’s Montaluce Winery proposal is still one of my favorites to date! With my experience in shooting Atlanta and North Georgia proposals, I was very excited when JD’s mom initially contacted me for her son’s Montaluce Winery proposal. I was so excited to get to go up to Montaluce Winery for this special question. It’s a beautiful North Georgia winery with an amazing backdrop, so I knew exactly when JD picked it for their Montaluce Winery proposal.

I FaceTimed with JD a month earlier while he was visiting the location and we figured out the exact spot where he would ask and how I would be there without Stefania getting suspicious. I brought a picnic blanket and sat down slightly near the winery aisle JD had chosen. I would be chilling there, just enjoying my day, while they would walk by. It worked out perfectly! They walked right on by and she had no idea I was there about to take pictures of the two of them for their Montaluce Winery proposal!

JD made it down to the pre-chosen spot and got down on one knee and popped the question! It was perfect! Stefania had NO idea! JD’s birthday was that weekend, so she thought they were there to celebrate his birthday, not to get engaged! She was surprised to say the least!

Not only would it be JD and Stefania for their Montaluce Winery proposal, but their families would be waiting at the restaurant for them and a second surprise for Stefania! I love that JD wanted to include them in their proposal. Such a sweet extra surprise for Stefania! So after JD popped the big question, we did a mini engagement session, and I said my “goodbyes” to them and headed “out,” but really I went inside the restaurant to get their families to meet up and head back outside. Stefania and JD were having a picnic. We all snuck down to their picnic spot and I captured Stefania’s reaction to seeing their families and celebrate with them being engaged! YAY!

Congratulations JD and Stefania! Thanks again for having me at your sweet Montaluce Winery proposal!

I love it! Talking and Stefania has no clue I’m behind them!Montaluce winery proposalCompletely caught off guard! She had no idea he was about to propose!Montaluce winery proposalMontaluce winery proposal Montaluce winery proposal Montaluce proposal Hugs and when she notices me for the first time!Montaluce winery proposal Montaluce winery proposal Montaluce winery proposal Montaluce winery proposal Montaluce winery proposal When Stefania and JD’s families came out and surprised her! Montaluce proposal All the hugs and happy tears!Montaluce winery proposal



  1. tracy says:

    Love this! What a great surprise and beautiful location for a proposal at Montaluce Winery!

  2. Rose says:

    Aw, what a beautiful proposal! Gorgeous images as always Mandi!

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