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June 28, 2016


Scarborough Farms | Fayetteville, GA | June 23, 2016

Emily and Josh’s wedding last weekend was simply the best. I loved everything about their cute DYI ceremony and reception; from their bar made by Emily’s Dad, to the centerpieces for the reception, to her beautiful hair done by her sister-in-law, to the pretty hairpiece made by their wedding coordinator, it was all gorgeous! I loved it all!

Their wedding day and these two are very special to me. While I am not related to them, I feel like I am in a lot of ways- extended, extended family you could say. My sister, Brie, married Emily’s cousin, so Brie is a part of their family. I get to see their family often and love when I get to spend time with them. I remember when Emily was a little girl, so it’s crazy to see her married now! The other reason this day was special to me was that I got to work with my sister for the first time. Brie has been in the industry as a wedding coordinator for some time now, but just got into the Atlanta market last year when she moved back here, so this was our first chance to work together. I had so much fun getting to see her in action and watch her work. She’s an awesome coordinator, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister! I can’t wait to make it happen again!

So FUNNY story of the year: A few months ago, I met with Emily and her mom to talk through the wedding day timeline. I found out then that not only did Josh share the same first name as my Josh, but that they also shared the same middle name! How funny is that?? Well it gets better… my last wedding was Kim and Josh’s wedding two weeks ago. When I left for the wedding, my Josh asked me, “Is this the wedding where the groom has my same name?” I told him, “No. That’s the wedding in two weeks.” When I get to Kim and Josh’s wedding, I find out that Kim’s Josh’s middle name is THE SAME as well! What in the world?!? How hilarious is that? And random? And what are the odds??? In all of my years of weddings, I’ve never taken pictures for a Josh and then back to back both grooms not only have the same first name, but the same middle name as my husband as well!

These two are the sweetest and have the greatest hearts. I love their love not only for each other, but their love for the Lord. Dating since high school, Emily and Josh have had to work hard at their relationship! Josh joined the Coast Guard after high school and they have been doing a long distance relationship since then. He is currently stationed in the Northeast, so Emily will be joining him after they get back from their honeymoon vacation. Thanks for your service, Josh! Congrats to the two of you! I’m so excited for y’all. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Emily and Josh Wedding 2016-06-27_0010 Emily and Josh Wedding-5 Emily and Josh Wedding-22 Emily and Josh Wedding-10 2016-06-27_0007 Emily and Josh Wedding-24 Emily and Josh Wedding-4 2016-06-27_0009 Emily and Josh Wedding-7 2016-06-27_0008 2016-06-27_0036 Emily and Josh Wedding-19 2016-06-27_0035 2016-06-27_0021 Emily and Josh Wedding-6 Please note the lack of shoe detail shots I got… Emily went barefoot all day! I love it!Emily and Josh Wedding-11 Emily and Josh Wedding-23 2016-06-27_0022 Emily and Josh Wedding-29 Emily was in her cousin’s wedding when she was a little girl. (I was at this wedding back in 2000 (I think?)) She and her mom wanted to recreate this sweet picture from the wedding!2016-06-27_0006 Emily and Josh Wedding-134 I loved their First Look! So sweet!2016-06-27_0005 Emily and Josh Wedding-34 Emily and Josh Wedding-136 Emily and her Dad did a First Look as well. It was so precious!2016-06-27_0003Emily and Josh Wedding-412016-06-27_00332016-06-27_0043 Emily and Josh Wedding-47 2016-06-27_00492016-06-27_0002 Emily and Josh Wedding-91 2016-06-27_0029 2016-06-27_0011 Emily and Josh Wedding-42 2016-06-27_0023 Emily and Josh Wedding-92 2016-06-27_0012 2016-06-27_0032 Emily and Josh Wedding-87 Emily and Josh Wedding-139 2016-06-27_0030 Emily and Josh Wedding-35 2016-06-27_0044Emily and Josh Wedding-90 2016-06-27_0031 Emily and Josh Wedding-1532016-06-27_0034 Emily and Josh Wedding-157 2016-06-27_0048 Emily and Josh Wedding-160 2016-06-27_0050 Emily and Josh Wedding-57 2016-06-27_0013 Emily and Josh Wedding-161 Lots of smile and laughter on their big day!Emily and Josh Wedding-58 2016-06-27_0014 Emily and Josh Wedding-59 Emily and Josh Wedding-64Emily and Josh Wedding-50 Emily and Josh Wedding-60 2016-06-27_0038 Emily and Josh Wedding-632016-06-27_0024 Emily and Josh Wedding-68 Emily and Josh Wedding-71 Emily and Josh Wedding-66 Emily and Josh Wedding-672016-06-27_0037 So sweet! Josh is ready to marry Emily!Emily and Josh Wedding-86 Emily and Josh Wedding-167 2016-06-27_0040 2016-06-27_0046 2016-06-27_0039You may kiss the bride!Emily and Josh Wedding-176 Emily and Josh Wedding-177 Emily and Josh Wedding-74 2016-06-27_0016 Emily and Josh Wedding-80 2016-06-27_0015 Emily and Josh Wedding-164 Emily and Josh Wedding-100 Emily and Josh Wedding-105 Gorgeous floral set ups! I loved the giant ball with flowers in it! So pretty!2016-06-27_0041 Emily and Josh Wedding-124 I loved Josh’s grooms cake! With him in the Coast Guard, it was a perfect cake!2016-06-27_0017 Emily and Josh Wedding-55 2016-06-27_0042 Emily and Josh Wedding-118 Emily’s Dad made them a corn hole set to take up North with them. She didn’t know he was doing it, so he surprised them at the reception. I think she was surprised to say the least.Emily and Josh Wedding-95 2016-06-27_0018 Emily and Josh Wedding-111 Josh’s Dad is in an awesome blue grass band. They played at the reception and did an awesome job!2016-06-27_00202016-06-27_0019 Emily and Josh Wedding-120 2016-06-27_0027 Emily and Josh Wedding-122 Emily and Josh Wedding-123 2016-06-27_0028 Sweet hug from Keith, Emily’s youth pastor from high school.Emily and Josh Wedding-178 Kaycee hard at work with Roots Coffee. Y’all, if you ever want coffee served at an event you are hosting, you HAVE to call Kaycee. She doesn’t play with her coffee. A former barista, she brings everything to grind and weigh the coffee to make sure it’s the perfect blend for you and your guests.2016-06-27_0025 2016-06-27_0047Emily and Josh Wedding-127 2016-06-27_0045 Emily and Josh Wedding-110 Facetime with an out of town friend who couldn’t make the weddingEmily and Josh Wedding-129 Cousins and their cute bums- this cracked me up!Emily and Josh Wedding-175 Gran laughing it up!Emily and Josh Wedding-180 We snuck out on the dock before their send-off and took a few pictures with the twinkle lightsEmily and Josh Wedding-130 Emily and Josh Wedding-128 Emily and Josh Wedding-131 Emily and Josh Wedding-132 Emily and Josh Wedding-133
Awesome Vendors from the wedding day:
Dress: New Natalies Bridal
Venue: Scarborough Farms
Wedding Coordinator: Brie Owens from Chancey Charm
Florist: Calhoun Creation and Events
Blue Grass Band: Line Creek Bluegrass
Coffee Bar: Roots Coffee Bar
Cake: Pam Eggli
Catering: Dickies BBQ

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  1. Beautiful photos! We especially love all the detail shots! Great work! 🙂

  2. Love how this was such a fun, informal wedding! And you captured it beautifully. My favorite shot – easily – bride and her dad First Look. So darn sweet!

  3. Carissa says:

    These are so beautiful! They tell the story so well I feel like I was there.

  4. graciehart1 says:

    Love the ring shots! Gorgeous!

  5. Esther says:

    Gorgeous wedding!

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