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June 30, 2016


Little River Farms | Milton, GA | May 13, 2016

Back in May, I had the awesome opportunity to second shoot with Lindsey Hansen Photography for a wedding at one of my favorite venues, Little River Farms. In fact, I got to shoot this wedding with her one week before I shot Carly and George’s wedding there! AND I’m going back there next weekend to be a guest at a wedding there. Gotta love Little River Farms!

I only got to meet EJ and Tyler the day of their wedding, but by the end of it, I felt like I had been friends with them and their wedding party for years. They were so much fun! Their love of Jesus shone through their smiles and laughter throughout the day. I couldn’t help but find myself smiling throughout the day. And EJ’s laugh and smile is contagious! She radiates so much joy and happiness that I just loved getting to know her.

EJ LOVES the beach, so she decided she wanted a tropical theme for her wedding filled with tons of Lilly Pulitzer, pink, and of course pineapples. It was such a fun and cute theme that fit perfectly with her personality.

Congrats to EJ and Tyler! I’m so thankful I was able to join y’all on your special day and thanks to Lindsey for letting me join you! I truly enjoyed working with you and cannot wait to do it again!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer-3 Oh my goodness! I LOVED this! After she gave it to her Dad, I pinned it to the back of his tie for the day!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-12 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-9 2016-06-30_0010 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-70 2016-06-30_0025 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-10 2016-06-30_0003 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-48 2016-06-30_0004 EJ’s adorable Lilly dress for her receptionAtlanta Wedding Photographer-125 2016-06-30_0005 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-124 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-126 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-123 I love this new trend in having First Looks with Dad’s as well!2016-06-30_0027 And now EJ and Tyler’s turn for their First Look! I LOVE her reaction to seeing him!!2016-06-30_0006 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-32 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-33 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-35 2016-06-30_0007 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-39 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-14 2016-06-30_0008 2016-06-30_0009 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-442016-06-30_0002What a fairy tale spot! I love it!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-1062016-06-30_0026Atlanta Wedding Photographer-15 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-43 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-110 2016-06-30_0029 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-128 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-86 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-26 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-109 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-27 2016-06-30_0032 Team socks! Go Dawgs!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-90 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-25 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-105 Loved her! Cracked me up all day long!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-24 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-50 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-51 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-52 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-53 2016-06-30_0012 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-57 Married! You may kiss the bride!2016-06-30_0011 2016-06-30_0017 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-121 2016-06-30_0015 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-113 2016-06-30_0013 2016-06-30_0016 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-74 2016-06-30_0014 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-114 2016-06-30_0018 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-138 2016-06-30_0019 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-81 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-145 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-146 2016-06-30_0030 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-82 I normally don’t want my brides looking at me, as I like my role to be to capture moments as they happen; but EJ did this a few times throughout the day and I captured some of the cutest expressions from her! I LOVED IT!!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-83 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-147 2016-06-30_0031 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-1022016-06-30_00202016-06-30_0028 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-148 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-149 2016-06-30_0022 See? Another one- looking at the camera and her expression is priceless!2016-06-30_0021 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-153 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-156 2016-06-30_0024 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-157 “Watch me whip! Watch me nay-nay!”Atlanta Wedding Photographer-168 2016-06-30_0023 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-172 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-173

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