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July 7, 2020

Esther and Michael aren’t just any old clients, and their Life University engagement session wasn’t just any old session. Michael is my youngest brother-in-law and is getting married!! I’ve been blessed to shoot the weddings of three of my cousins in the past, and now I get to shoot my brother-in-law’s wedding in just a month from now! I love getting to bless my family with photography.

It’s crazy to think that when Josh and I started dating back in 2004, Michael was 14 years old and in middle school. I’ve now known him for more than half his life! I’ve never seen him more happy than when he is with Esther and her son, Killian. We are so excited to have Esther and Killian join our family!

Esther and Michael met how many people do nowadays- online- but their connection was instant. I’m pretty sure Michael knew after their first date that they would be getting married and Esther wasn’t too far behind. Within a couple weeks of dating, they were already talking about marriage. Killian instantly took to Michael and we all love him as much as Esther! None of us were surprised when they got engaged a couple months into dating.

They wanted a waterfall for their engagement pictures, and originally we had planned the Roswell Mill, but it had rained for a whole week leading up to their session, so we decided for a Life University engagement session to get the waterfall in. Killian joined us for the first part of the session and then went home with his Nana and Papa to leave the adults to take pictures. I love it when couples incorporate their children into their sessions, but I also love the time I get with the parents alone to capture them enjoying themselves without a little one running around. Bring them for the beginning and then send them home. It’s the best of both worlds!

I’m so happy for the two of them and cannot wait to shoot their wedding in August! Love you both! Welcome to the family, Esther and Killian!

Sweet family pic! Time for some Esther and Michael time for their Life University engagement session! I love this spot for a Life University engagement session! They laughed so much and were so adorable! Love it! They seriously are the cutest together! I love seeing Michael so happy with Esther! Probably one of my favorites from their session I told them to stand side by side and they both did the exact same random movement that made us all laugh so hard.

  1. Elizabeth Golden

    July 15th, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    I love how you captured so many real emotions. Beautiful!

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