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Last week, I planned and participated in a styled shoot for the Pursuit Community- Atlanta group at Little River Farms out in Milton. Never having planned a styled shoot before, I had a lot to learn as I did the project… and there is A LOT of work that goes into planning a styled shoot. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a mock wedding without the ceremony and guests. We bring in all vendors that would be a part of the wedding day: hair stylist/make-up artist, cake designer, florist, photographer, wedding coordinator, the venue itself… everything! We even need a bride and a groom to make it happen!

I will be blogging later the pictures from the session, but I’ll have to wait a little while to share them since we are working to get the pictures published in a national blog and not just mine! Once that happens, I’ll be so thrilled to share these amazing pictures from the amazing vendors who helped out. I mean that about these vendors that helped out. I will forever be referring them to my brides!

I took some behind-the-scenes pictures of the Pursuit ladies taking pictures of the models. Can you imagine having 14 different photographers taking your pictures all at once? Sounds like a group of paparazzi! We had so much fun taking turns posing the couple and working together to get awesome shots. This was the biggest group we’ve had come to one of our Gatherings, so I was thrilled to see it come together so successfully! We are sharing a dropbox account to upload all of the pictures to share with the vendors, so I have seen a great number of the pictures from the ladies. I have loved seeing all of their pictures! I cannot wait to see them all!

Thanks to all of our amazing vendors who made this styled shoot possible for my Pursuit ladies. I could not have done it without your amazing work!

Briana and Kimberly rockin’ it out!BJL_2989




JeanMarie is helping lift the back of the dress for some pretty floating dress pics.BJL_2854


37 weeks pregnant and still working hard! Get it Katharine! Can’t wait to meet Asher!BJL_2993


JeanMarie and Michelle talking strategy 🙂

Kimberly is having a blast!BJL_3044

Lindsey is checking out her pictures SOOC (straight out of camera)BJL_3011

Tiffany, primarily a senior and portrait photographer, joined us for the wedding styled shoot!

Rayna and Mishaun with their prime lenses!2015-08-12_0002

JeanMarie concentrating hard as she’s taking her pictures


Michelle rocking out her signature 70-200 Canon lens!BJL_3088



Different angle from across the pond for JeanMarie, Katharine, Tiffany, and Katey!BJL_3183

Lindsey and Ashley taking pictures of the floral bouquet


Sneaky, sneaky taking pictures 🙂BJL_3244





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