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So y’all know that I love all of my clients. With over 150 weddings in the past 12 years, I have had amazing experiences with all of my clients; but this one holds dear to my heart. I’ve done wedding photography for cousins of mine before, included 3 cousins, but never for a brother or sister. Two weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to take pictures for my brother-in-law and his new amazing wife. I met Michael when he was in the 8th grade over 16 years ago and here he is married and I had the amazing opportunity to take pictures for his wedding!

Michael and Esther met online December 31, 2019 and had their first date a week or so later; and here they are married 8 months later at The Grande in Kennesaw! Michael knew almost immediately that Esther was “the one” that he would spend the rest of his life with. She followed suite shortly after! We were all so excited for them when they got engaged and began planning their lives together. What’s even better is Esther came with Killian, so in addition to an amazing sister-in-law, we got to add an amazing kiddo to the family!

Their wedding day at The Grande in Kennesaw was something very special to all of us. Not only was it the union of these two amazing people, but it was the first time our family had been all together since last October. We usually have more opportunities to see each other throughout the year, but you know… corona and all kinda ruined that; so it was wonderful to get to see family we haven’t seen in months and even meet my newest niece who was born in January.

Two days prior to the wedding, Esther and Michael changed their minds and decided to do a First Look and I couldn’t have been more excited! I never pressure my clients into doing one, but always explain the benefits and purpose behind them. They had come over for a family get-together and Esther told me she had changed her mind and wanted to do a First Look. This sweet moment between them was absolutely perfect! I loved the pictures we captured for them in this sweet and intimate moment.

Can you believe that this was my first wedding of 2020? Probably not since Corona and all… but this was my first wedding since last November, which is just absolutely crazy to think about. It felt so good to get behind the camera again and get to bless a new couple through my photography. I pray that I can continue to do so for the rest of my couples in 2020!

Congratulations Michael and Esther! I am so happy for the two of you! Esther, you bring such life and joy to our family and make Michael happier than I have ever seen him. Michael, I am so happy that you found this amazing woman of God to be by your side for the rest of your life. I hope y’all enjoy these pictures as much as I have had fun editing them! And as always, thanks to Evie for your incredible help!

Funny story, part of Esther’s dress in the back was missing and they thought she had left it at home; but I had just looked at her dress prior and knew I had seen it, so I told them. They looked in the tulle of her dress to find it had fallen down into the dress! Sweet moment between Esther and her sweet son, Killian before going to her First Look with Michael Prayers with Mom and Dad before seeing Michael The front of the house at The Grande in Kennesaw was a perfect spot for their First Look! First Look time! They are just so adorable!! When you know your brother-in-law well, you can say stupid things and make him laugh Gorgeous individual portraits taken by Evie 🙂   Lots of laughter by these pretty ladies! This magnolia tree at The Grande in Kennesaw made for a perfect backdrop for their pictures! Love these two so much! So… It was pretty windy and I had to relight the candles during the ceremony so that they would have them available for their unity candle!You may kiss the bride! The Mitchell crew! And the Whangs!Sweet quiet moment for a couple more pictures before going into the reception Gorgeous inside of The Grande in Kennesaw So many laughter and smiles! I loved getting to dance with my sweet kiddos! They both love dancing as much as Mommy!

Thanks to the awesome vendors who made their day possible!

Photography: Mandi Mitchell Photography
Venue: The Grande in Kennesaw
Catering: The Grande
Hair: Ulta Beauty in Woodstock


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  2. tracy says:

    What an extra special wedding to be a part of! Beautiful (and I love that you got to dance with your kiddo!)

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