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September 28, 2016


Last week, I did a blog post on “When Your Day Doesn’t Go as Planned”. It ended up being a very successful blog post that got shared a lot by my brides. Many of them commented and shared some of their own stories. Betsy got married last year and after she read the blog post, she emailed me with details of her day that I didn’t even know about! We talked a bit and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind giving me an account of how her day didn’t go as planned, but how she came out on top of it smiling and not stressed and loving her day. She was gracious to write me an awesome story about her day. Y’all, you have to read this story. I didn’t know this, but the day before the wedding, they almost lost something that would have been devastating to lose on your wedding day. Read on to find out what it was.

From Betsy: [are me commenting throughout Betsy’s commentary] 

I stressed out so much over planning all of the perfect little touches before our wedding – things I even knew nobody else would notice. When I woke up that morning, though, I decided that I had put enough energy into worrying about the details and that, as long as we were married at the end of the day, the wedding would be perfect.

My maid of honor was the one that realized we didn’t have our rings the day of the wedding… [that’s right, y’all! She couldn’t find their wedding bands!] I knew Brandon would panic if he knew, so, while I was getting my hair/makeup done, my MOH and another friend went over to the boys’ cabin to “check that the boys were ready for the ceremony.” I even wrote out a fake checklist for them. The rings weren’t there, so the girls went over to the ceremony/reception site 15 minutes away and searched every box. They finally found the rings in a box someone had thought was garbage and left in a pile of empty boxes. [WHAT?! Their rings got thrown away the night before?! I cannot even imagine. They are so lucky that no one emptied the trash! They had them back before I had to take pictures of them!] Thank goodness, because I was ready to surprise Brandon at the alter with someone else’s rings!!

bjl_8620 2016-09-28_0002 bjl_8605

During the ceremony, my grandma was going to play a song on the keyboard for us. She was dealing with alzheimer’s at the time. I was so nervous about having a keyboard instead of a piano. [I remember this! Instead of playing a piano sound, she ended up playing a weird keyboard sound- almost like something from a movie or video game! It was so funny and so sweet! They tried to switch it back and I think she ended up making it play that same sound again??] Andy, the pastor, leaned over to us and said, “It’s perfect for you guys – it’s video game music for Brandon and a hymn for Betsy.” That has to be one of the most special moments of the day – I treasure those pictures Mandi took of her so much. It’s amazing that she was able to do so well that day since she passed away 2 months later.

If the ring fiasco wasn’t enough, we had issues with our cake. It didn’t get put out at the reception like it was supposed to, so when it came time to cut it, we couldn’t find that either. [No cake to cut?!] My mom finally found it in the back of the venue’s kitchen, so we were able to cut it, just a little later than we’d planned. After the wedding, Brandon and I took it up to our room with us to eat more. The next morning, when we were loading the car, I put the box with the cake on the ground next to our bags. Then, I stepped backwards into the cake, getting it all over my foot and the ground. Oops! I wasn’t sold on freezing the cake anyway – freeze dried cake sounds gross [I didn’t freeze ours either, Betsy! But I can imagine how annoyed I would be in that moment!] – so we just bought a small cake to eat today (since our cake was from Whole Foods, we were able to get the same one – just fresher and gravel-less).

2016-09-28_0003 2016-09-28_0004

We actually had another near-miss, too. One of the big things I’d planned out was people playing games together at the reception. [I thought this was so cool at the reception! I remember how awesome it was with the games!] My family loves board games, and a lot of our friends/family aren’t huge dancers. Since the groom/groomsmen didn’t have to take as long to get ready, they spent the morning decorating our reception venue. Brandon realized the board games were missing, didn’t want to worry me (because he thought I was still super stressed!), and made an emergency trip to Target to buy more. It was so sweet of him, and now we have 2 copies of Battleship! The games were in a bridesmaid’s fiancé’s car the whole time.

bjl_8729 This was one of the coolest things of the day. They made a Guess Who? came with their family and wedding party!bjl_8978 2016-09-28_0001

Thanks to Betsy for sharing your story! I would had have no idea that these things had happened behind the scene with how chill and happy Betsy was the day of her wedding! This is just a fun reminder to all of my brides and future brides to not stress over the small or even big things of your day! Enjoy your day and smile as you get married!

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