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It’s time for my 5th annual Behind the Scenes post! Feel free to check out some of my fun Behind the Scenes posts from the past! With 2020 being the oddest year ever to shoot weddings, I definitely didn’t shoot as many weddings as I usually do. I almost considered not doing this post this year since I had so few 2020 weddings, but I have done this same post for 4 years prior and knew I couldn’t skip my 5th annual Behind the Scenes post.

I love showing y’all some behind the scenes of what goes on with MMP on a wedding day. This post will include some flattering and not-so-flattering pictures of yours truly. I am so thankful to my amazing team for capturing these fun pictures to give you a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes! I shot a couple of weddings on my own this year, so I have some of them that weren’t covered with behind the scenes shots, but I have a good bit to share!

I like to laugh at myself, so here I go sharing a ton of silly and ugly shots my second shooters have captured over the year! Thanks Evie for my 2020 behind the scenes shots!

Detail styling and putting together gorgeous details  All of the awkward squatting to get the right shot!  That time I shot a wedding for my brother-in-law and my kids were there.    Laughter while walking with Kelsey and AJ! Shots of us shooting!  Check out the paparazzi party while the photographer sits on the job! haha Photographer friends, you know what I’m talking about: people always make a semi-circle instead of a straight line, so this is a very normal wedding action for me!  Random shots of my back!  Always there to take lint off a suit, fix up some hair, fluff a dress, or move something out of a picture. Bouquet to the rescue! Light test shot!One of my favorite moments of the day: giving my brides their wedding gift from me and seeing their reactions! It wouldn’t be my annual behind the scenes post without my dancing pictures!

And for my favorite part of my behind the scenes posts: sharing the BTS pictures side by side with the actual picture we took! Amazing shot, Evie!


  1. tracy says:

    Love your annual round-up! The side by sides are my fave!

  2. Jenn says:

    This is so much fun, I love that you do this every year!

  3. allie says:

    too bad you don’t love your job, hahah! You are such a joyful artist!

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