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Taylor and Nate’s wedding at Brownstone Venue in Pendleton, South Carolina was such a fun day! These two didn’t have anything near their original wedding planned thanks to covid. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m the only vendor they carried over to their newly planned wedding; but I think in the end it worked out 100 times better than they could have ever imagined.

A number of their wedding day vendors were found in a very roundabout way, including myself. So my son goes to Fellowship Christian School in Roswell. I’m in the Facebook group for the parents and alumni parents. Nate went to Fellowship. Nate’s mom, Margo, is in the Fellowship Facebook group I’m in. Back in March she posted about her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law needing a wedding photographer. I was tagged by another fellow Fellowship photographer that I know who was in the group. I commented on the post. Margo messaged me back and we got on the phone to chat. She was put in charge of finding the photographer, as she is a photographer herself, and we hit it off on the phone immediately! She passed my info onto Taylor and Nate and the rest is history!

Originally they had planned a wedding in June at a brewery down by the Atlanta airport, but with covid, they knew they needed to move the ceremony to the fall most likely. All decor for the wedding done by Taylor’s mom, who owns a home decor business in Anderson, SC called Tracie Starr Home. The Brownstone Venue ordered some chairs from Tracie for their getting ready space, and Tracie got to talking to the owners and learned about the brand new venue just opening 3o minutes from Tracie! So she talked to Taylor about this adorable barn venue that just opened up. Taylor went and checked it out with her mom and well, the rest is history! Haha.

Since Nate’s mom is a photographer, she did their engagement pictures, and because of covid, we didn’t do our usual in person dinner timeline meeting. I actually drove to Taylor’s house back in June on what would have been their original wedding weekend to deliver her a “thinking-of-you-on-your-now-not-wedding-date” and that was the only time I met her prior to the wedding. I met Nate for the first time shortly before his First Look with Taylor! If you’re a past bride, you know how much I love getting to meet and see my couples prior to their wedding day, so this was different for me for sure; but all that to be said, by the end of the evening, I felt like I had known these two for years! We even said at the end of the night that it seemed so crazy that I had only gotten to know them so well in just that day!

Thank you Taylor and Nate for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I loved getting to take these pictures for you! And thanks as always to Evie for driving out and being there to help for the day!

Seriously one of my favorite images of the day. Evie captured this one perfectly! Also, this is one of the chairs in how Taylor’s mom found the venue!bride getting ready Exchanging letters before the First Lookcouple first look couple reading notes to each other Y’all, I LOVE Nate’s reaction here!first look reaction Dad also deserves a First Look! The front yard at Brownstone Venue is a perfect spot for pictures! laughing bride This barn is such a great center point at Brownstone Venue!wedding party cheering I love this trend of different style and colored bridesmaids dressesbridal party Taylor couldn’t stop laughing all day long! The bloopers for these images are hilarious! bride walkingSweet prayer moments right before the ceremony Some sunset portraits before going in for the reception! That Golden Hour light! LOVE IT! first wedding dance The pavilion at Brownstone Venue makes for great dancing! Y’all, Clark was a hoot and a half! He seriously made me look like a shy person with how outgoing and crazy he was! Shove that cake! I always love it when my couples do this! Reminds me of when my husband did it to me all those years ago! Anna Claire was NOT going to let that bouquet get taken away from her! Yeah… she was a little excited Pointing at her boyfriend… …him laughing because he knew he already had a ring and she had no idea… they’re engaged now! Nate is over 6ft tall. We should have had the guests hold the sparklers up a little higher!! haha


  1. tracy says:

    Their smiles all day long just made me smile too 🙂 Beautiful wedding, congrats to them!

  2. I love all the emotions in this and her colors are fantastic!

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