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September 15, 2016


Roswell Mill Club | Roswell, GA | September 10, 2016

Ever since I moved to Roswell over four years ago, I have wanted to shoot a wedding in Roswell. Within one mile of my house, there are seven wedding venues. I’m not exaggerating when I say there are that many and that close! I have gotten inquiries from brides, but never had a wedding in Roswell. I had one booked for a few years ago, but they ended up cancelling the wedding. I have had two brides book me before their venues were set, both looking at venues in Roswell, but both ended up booking outside of Roswell. So when Molly contacted me in January after the Georgia Bridal Show about wanting Ben and me to shoot her wedding, and she was looking at two possible dates for the Roswell Mill, I was ecstatic! One of the dates I had booked, so I told her that she should pick the other date. 😉 Well wouldn’t you know that their date that worked out better for them got booked the week before?? I was so disappointed! What are the odds?

Well, I thought about it and decided to offer something we had never done before, but do a split for the day: I go to the wedding I booked already and have Ben take the lead at this wedding and shoot her wedding. After doing some talking, we found out that not only did she love us as photographers; but her fiance, Austin, and Ben were in the same small group at Buckhead Church. What are the odds? She and Austin loved the idea of having Ben take the lead for their day, so I hired Evie Perez to join Ben while I went and shot Ashley and Dan’s wedding at Berry College. So while Mandi Mitchell Photography finally got our first Roswell wedding, I still haven’t shot in Roswell! Haha!

Ben told me that their day was so worshipful and beautiful. Love, laughter, and Jesus filled their entire day. You can see in the pictures how much they love each other, their family and friends, and especially Jesus. Their First Look pictures were simply the best. I smiled as a scrolled through their pictures and could see how excited they were to see each other and get married. These are seriously some of the best First Look shots we have ever gotten. I’ve never seen a sweeter or more emotional pictures of a couple’s parents than the ones Ben captured when the ceremony started. It was simply beautiful to see how much love everyone had for each other.

The evening was filled with lots of fun and laughter. Molly and Austin had the most epic First Dance. While they had a very traditional first part of their dance, they surprised their guests with shoes that were gold and lit up on the bottom and changed colors!! I mean, seriously… how cool is that?! I think everyone needs these awesome shoes! I loved getting to look through their pictures and see how much fun was had during their day. I totally wish I could have been there, but I knew they were in capable hands! I love all of the pictures Ben and Evie captured! I’m so proud of them and how well they represented my brand at the wedding and through the pictures they captured! Congrats Molly and Austin, and thank you for being amazing and trusting us to capture your day even though I wasn’t there. You two seriously rock! Love you both!

molly-and-austin-8 2016-09-14_0003 molly-and-austin-17 2016-09-14_0026 molly-and-austin-4 molly-and-austin-15 2016-09-14_0027 2016-09-14_0004 molly-and-austin-12 Look at Austin’s ring. It’s very unique- it’s make of elk horn! How cool!molly-and-austin-75 2016-09-14_0005 molly-and-austin-2 2016-09-14_0025 molly-and-austin-13 2016-09-14_0034 molly-and-austin-26 2016-09-14_0023 molly-and-austin-21 2016-09-14_0035 molly-and-austin-27 2016-09-14_0024 molly-and-austin-29 molly-and-austin-32 2016-09-14_0001 molly-and-austin-33First Look time!molly-and-austin-34Oh I love her reaction to seeing him!
molly-and-austin-35 2016-09-14_0021 2016-09-14_0022 molly-and-austin-43 2016-09-14_0020 molly-and-austin-39 2016-09-14_0019molly-and-austin-51 molly-and-austin-63 molly-and-austin-65 2016-09-14_0017 Y’all, isn’t she just gorgeous!?molly-and-austin-59 molly-and-austin-70 molly-and-austin-62 2016-09-14_0029 2016-09-14_0028molly-and-austin-49 2016-09-14_0016 molly-and-austin-44 2016-09-14_0018molly-and-austin-52 molly-and-austin-54 molly-and-austin-46 2016-09-14_0036 2016-09-14_0037 molly-and-austin-85 2016-09-14_0038 2016-09-14_0031 molly-and-austin-104 molly-and-austin-103 molly-and-austin-99 molly-and-austin-96 2016-09-14_0015 molly-and-austin-90 molly-and-austin-86 molly-and-austin-73What? Is Molly a model or something?? Molly got her skills from binge watching America’s Next Top Model! Haha!molly-and-austin-97 molly-and-austin-81 2016-09-14_0039 molly-and-austin-95 molly-and-austin-106Oh I just love everything about this picture!molly-and-austin-101 molly-and-austin-94 2016-09-14_0030 molly-and-austin-91 molly-and-austin-84 molly-and-austin-102 molly-and-austin-88 molly-and-austin-92 molly-and-austin-74 molly-and-austin-78 molly-and-austin-98 Prayers with the wedding party and parents before the ceremony!molly-and-austin-115 molly-and-austin-124 Oh I love this set of pictures! Such precious and sweet emotions from the parents!2016-09-14_0040 Their cute dog was a part of their wedding party! I love it!2016-09-14_0032 2016-09-14_0033 molly-and-austin-127 molly-and-austin-128 molly-and-austin-131You may kiss the bride!2016-09-14_0042Confetti to celebrate they are married!
molly-and-austin-134molly-and-austin-111 molly-and-austin-116 2016-09-14_0013 2016-09-14_0012 2016-09-14_0011 molly-and-austin-110 molly-and-austin-108 2016-09-14_0014 molly-and-austin-136 molly-and-austin-137 molly-and-austin-138 Light up shoes!!! I LOVE THESE!2016-09-14_0043 molly-and-austin-141 molly-and-austin-142 molly-and-austin-143 molly-and-austin-144 molly-and-austin-145 molly-and-austin-146 molly-and-austin-1472016-09-14_0010 2016-09-14_0044molly-and-austin-152 molly-and-austin-154 molly-and-austin-135 molly-and-austin-155 molly-and-austin-161 molly-and-austin-156 2016-09-14_0006molly-and-austin-157 molly-and-austin-165 molly-and-austin-166 Their moms are awesome!molly-and-austin-167 2016-09-14_0007 molly-and-austin-169 molly-and-austin-180 molly-and-austin-171Molly became a temporary 3rd shooter for the night- she took this pic of Ben and Austin!molly-and-austin-172 2016-09-14_0009 molly-and-austin-174 2016-09-14_0008 molly-and-austin-177 molly-and-austin-181

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Thanks to all of the awesome vendors who helped make Molly and Austin’s wedding awesome!

Wedding Dress: The White Magnolia

Wedding Venue: Roswell Mill Club

Florist: Alpharetta Flower Market

Hair and Makeup: Elizabeth Johnson

Caterer: Events Catering

DJ: Complete Music

Invitation Suite: Minted

Cake: Publix

Bridal Jewelry: Rejewel Custom Jewelers

Grooms Jewelry: Staghead Designs

Groom/groomsmen Attire: Express

  1. mbarbeau

    September 15th, 2016 at 11:46 am

    beautiful wedding photos! I love all the details especially the gold & blue theme, the amazing rings and the light up shoes…so fun!

  2. mandimitchellphotography

    September 15th, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Thanks Michelle! 🙂

  3. Melissa Avey

    September 15th, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    These are GORGEOUS!

  4. mandimitchellphotography

    September 16th, 2016 at 8:02 am

    Thanks so much Melissa! The Roswell Mill Club is an awesome venue!

  5. Mandi Mitchell Photography

    December 7th, 2016 at 9:19 am

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  6. Diane

    December 6th, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    GORGEOUS!!!!! oh my gosh i love these! perfect first look and gorgeous venue. beautiful couple and images!

  7. mandi

    December 14th, 2018 at 3:03 am

    Thanks Diane! Ivy Hall is one of my favorite venues in Roswell!

  8. Find U Rings

    December 30th, 2019 at 3:57 am

    I love this unique shiny colored shoe.

  9. Roswell Wedding Photographer | Roswell Venues - Mandi Mitchell

    February 12th, 2020 at 7:55 pm

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