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September 11, 2019

Did you know that Roswell, GA is currently ranked as the #1 city to live in in Georgia? I’ve been in the Atlanta area my whole life and lived in a couple of suburbs, and I can by far see why Roswell is the top city to live. I love living in Roswell! When we moved to Roswell over 7 years ago, we had no idea we would love living here as much as we do. We live 1/2 mile from the downtown Roswell area which has dramatically transformed in the years since we moved here. Little did I know that living here would add my chances of becoming a top Roswell wedding photographer.

Not only do I love living here, I love WORKING in Roswell! As a photographer here in the city, I get to take advantage of nearly a dozen wedding venue and family picture locations within 3 miles of my home (no exaggeration). I absolutely love it here!!

As a Roswell wedding photographer, I am blessed to have such amazing venues so close to my home. Just for fun, I Googled “Roswell wedding venues” and looked at the maps. You can see how many venues (most of these are) that showed up along pretty much the same road! It blows my mind that there are this many venues to choose from in such a small square mile! It goes to show that Roswell is not only a great place to live, but a great place to get married!

I have been blessed to take pictures at a number of these venues, some multiple times! Check out below some of the local venues I have shot at, the things I love about each of these venues, and just for fun how far they are from my house!

Primrose Cottage:
8/10 miles from my house- Primrose Cottage is the venue I shoot at the most and not just compared to other Roswell venues, but compared to any venue in the Atlanta area. I end up with a couple of weddings at Primrose a year usually. One year I shot there 4 times! My favorite thing about Primrose is their beautiful greenery. They have gorgeous magnolia trees out front as well as a pretty garden space in the back. The light at Primrose is great at most any time of the day, so even when I shoot a midday wedding there, I can still find good light to produce gorgeous pictures.

Chelsea and Tyler’s Primrose Cottage Wedding | Roswell Wedding PhotographerRoswell wedding photographer, Primrose Cottage, Atlanta wedding photographer

Katharine and Brad’s Primrose Cottage Wedding | Roswell Wedding PhotographerRoswell Wedding photographer, Primrose Cottage, Atlanta wedding photographer

Mayra and Phil’s Primrose Cottage Wedding | Roswell Wedding PhotographerRoswell Wedding Photographer, Atlanta wedding photographer, Primrose Cottage

Ivy Hall:
1.4 miles from my house- The biggest appeal to Ivy Hall is it’s vicinity to the Roswell Mill. You look up at the top of the hill from the covered bridge in Roswell and you see Ivy Hall. I love the location of the ceremony at Ivy Hall. It overlooks Vickery Creek and has gorgeous light towards the end of the day. The pictures we take at this ceremony spot during golden hour is so pretty.

Katie and Kevin’s Ivy Hall Wedding | Roswell Wedding PhotographerRoswell wedding photographer, Ivy Hall, Atlanta wedding photographer

Roswell Mill Club:
1.4 miles from my house- Roswell Mill Club and Ivy Hall are right next door to each other and owned by the same company, Events Catering. They are very similar in their styles and appeal to book either one. Roswell Mill Club and Ivy Hall are not only right next to the Roswell Mill, but they are also 1/2 mile from some of the gorgeous historic homes and the Roswell Square. I have used both Barrington Hall and the Roswell Square for pictures with clients who got married at Roswell Mill Club or Ivy Hall.

Molly and Austin’s Roswell Mill Club Wedding | Roswell Wedding Photographer Roswell wedding photographer, Roswell Mill Club, Atlanta wedding photographer

Roswell River Landing:
2.5 miles from my house- Roswell River Landing is venue owned by the Roswell Parks and Rec department that sits along the Chattahoochee River. From the front, it doesn’t look like it would even be a wedding venue, but you go inside and go to the back of the venue and you see the immediate appeal to this venue. My favorite part is how close it is to the Roswell Boardwalk Trail and to the Chattahoochee. I love the location and the awesome pictures you can get around this location.

Amber and Tyler’s Roswell River Landing Wedding | Roswell Wedding Photographer Roswell wedding photographer, Atlanta wedding photographer, Roswell River Landing

Kimball Hall: 
1/2 mile from my house- You turn left out of my neighborhood and turn right and you’re at Kimball Hall! It’s the closest venue to my house of all of the Roswell wedding venues. It’s a cute little house on the corner of an intersection with a gorgeous garden and green space. It’s a perfect space for a Roswell wedding. It’s an old home from the 1800’s with a big ballroom added onto the back of the house and gives couples a chance to get some really pretty pictures in the side and backyard of the house. Some of my favorite spots at the house are on the side in their little garden area they have!

Roswell wedding photographer, Kimball Hall, Atlanta wedding photographer

Roswell Mill:
1.5 miles from my house- The Roswell Mill itself isn’t a wedding venue, but sometimes despite not having a wedding at the Roswell Mill, we will use the location for pictures! It is such a gorgeous spot for beautiful pictures. I am here all of the time for engagement pictures, but sometimes also for Roswell wedding pictures!

Thank you for following along with me on this mini tour of Roswell wedding venues. I absolutely love being a Roswell wedding photographer and getting to team up with such amazing vendors in Roswell!


  1. Allie says:

    Such gorgeous photos! Nice to have all this in your own backyard

  2. tracy says:

    So many beautiful wedding venues in Roswell!

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