Perimeter Church Wedding | Hanna and Preston


July 14, 2021

Hanna and Preston’s Perimeter Church wedding was absolutely perfect! I have been so blessed by the Allen family. I have now shot weddings for two of the three sisters in this family and absolutely love all of them! I truly feel like I am a part of this wonderful family! I met Betsy, Hanna’s oldest sister, back in 2015 at a bridal show when Betsy was planning her wedding to Brandon. We found out at Betsy’s wedding that Hanna and I actually had a handful of connections including one of my past brides and the fact that I taught 8th grade at the same school Hanna was an 8th grader! I didn’t teach her, but I am friends with the teacher who had her. Moments like this make me feel old since I’m in a place where I’m shooting weddings for former students and kids (now adults) their age!

Hanna and Preston began dating at the very start of the pandemic last year, so they had to navigate a new relationship midst all of the insane we dealt with last spring and summer. I can only imagine how hard it would be to establish a new relationship with someone when things are shut down and you have to be careful and selective about when and how you see each other; but they made it through to the other side and had their Perimeter Church wedding this June! God knew what He was doing in bringing Hanna and Preston together when He did and the timing of it worked out exactly as it was supposed to!

When Hanna reached out to me about her wedding, I couldn’t have been more thrilled! It is such an honor to shoot weddings for multiple siblings and for Hanna to ask me to shoot her wedding was very special. In fact, they chose their wedding day specifically to have me there! By the time she reached out in the early part of the year, I was already booked every Saturday in June except for their wedding date they chose. It made me feel so very honored and blessed for them to choose their day in order to have me there.

Hanna and Preston met a volunteers at Perimeter Church, so it was only fitting that they have a Perimeter Church wedding! They got married in their gorgeous outdoor chapel and had an intimate, backyard reception at their home; well technically I think it was their side yard/driveway, but you get it! haha. We had such a fun day, one that was filled with the Holy Spirit, laughter, and bathed in prayer. Their day was one that I will remember for a long time.

Their pup, Tuck, is seen throughout the day. Find him throughout the blog post and comment where you saw Tuck throughout the day! They did a cute job of incorporating him into their special day!

Hanna and Preston, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me at your wedding and for trusting me with your special day! Much love to both of you!

Perimeter Church wedding details wedding day details I love their rings!  Such a pretty green for the bridesmaids dresses! We have this same picture at Betsy’s wedding of Sara, their other sister feeding Betsy; so they decided that at Sara’s wedding, Hanna will have to feed Sara something to eat, so that they all have the same picture! haha! We also got that same sister kissing picture in the bottom right, so they will have to recreate it for Sara’s wedding! Tuck is the VIP (Very Important Pup) on Max’s outfit for the wedding! Trying to keep it together as mom and her girls get her into her dress. So sweet! Perimeter Church wedding I told Hanna that her dress looked very “Lord of the Rings” and she said that is exactly what she wanted! The girls joked that she looked for a dress that was like “a modest woodland fairy nymph.” I’d say she pulled it off! Having a sweet moment before the ceremony to talk and pray with each other. We stepped back across the room in order to give them some privacy and enjoy the moment without cameras in the way.Praying with Hanna before she walks down the aisle to Preston! Tuck saying hi to mom before she walks down the aisle! Tuck getting ready to take rings to mom and dad! 🙂 I love this moment so much. Family and wedding party laying hands of them to pray over them and their marriage.You may kiss the bride! Perimeter Church outdoor chapel Perimeter Church wedding Uh oh… Tuck got into the cake! 😉 Pretty cool to have a wine named after you, and spelled the same! Funny speeches and fun reactions had thanks to Dad! First dance as husband and wife in their living room! Off to their honeymoon!

  1. Katy says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! Her dress does look very “Lord of the Rings”-ish. Love it! The bridesmaids dresses were very pretty too!

  2. tracy says:

    Perimeter church is such a beautiful place! And how cute is that pupper!!

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