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March 27, 2019

For the past five years, I have participated in a worldwide contest hosted by Shoot and Share. They are a photography group that provides services for photographers worldwide. They host a free contest annually that provide a fun way for photographers to enter up for 50 pictures of anything they have taken. The categories ranges from The Wedding Couple to Travel to Phone Photography to Teens/Seniors to Birth Photography and so much more. It really gives everyone in the industry an opportunity to participate, not just wedding photographers.

Ironically, this year, my top 3 pictures were ones of Levi! In the past, I have had some in the top 100 of their respective categories, and they have all been wedding pictures, but this year, my top ones were of Levi. The pictures throughout the contest can get favorited as well, which means the person voting likes it enough to save it to their own account to look at again later or they like it enough to let the photographer know “hey! This is a great picture!” My top three were also my top three favorited. You would think that would make sense, but in the past, my top favorited pictures haven’t always been my best performing ones. Last year, my most favorited one was a picture of Levi, but it only made it to the top 10% of the contest.

My best one last year was a top 100 picture in the Emotion and Excitement category that placed 38/8800. I didn’t have any top 100 this year, but had a finalist which means it made it to the 12th and last round of the voting. My top picture is one of Levi that placed 217/10810. I always like a top 100 picture, but I’m proud of any of my pictures that hit the top 30% and receive a badge. I had A LOT of pictures get out in the 8th/9th rounds this year, which for a lot of them, were just outside of the top 30%. All in all, I ended up with 12 in the top 30%.

Enjoy seeing how my pictures did. Not ALL of my top pictures are of Levi. I do have some of my clients, so scroll through and see if your picture made the cut!

This top performing picture for me made 217/10810 in the Share Joy category. I love this one of Levi that I took in February of 2018, right after the 2018 contest had started, so I had to wait until 2019 to submit it!  This one made 1,670/27,467 in the Lifestyle/Documentary category. It’s one of my favorites of Levi playing with his trains. This one placed just behind the one above at 2128/27,467 in the Lifestyle/Documentary category. I’m always hesitant to submit to the Wedding Couple category, because it is always the one of the largest one with the most pictures submitted, but I just HAD to submit this one of Andie and Chandler’s wedding that had just happened prior to the contest submissions. This one finished 3,731/45,058.The largest/second largest category of them all each year is the Engagement/Couples category. This picture of Allie and George placed 7,595/48,578. To give you a comparison of how big this contest has gotten over the years, my first year submitting was the second year of the contest ever and it had 11,786 in this same category back in 2015!Another fun one of Levi! This one at Home Depot placed 8910/52,642 in the Kids category. The kids category was the largest of them all this year!Amber and Tyler, look! Benelli made top 20% in the Wedding Details category, placing 2,547/18,829! This super fun exit from Carmen and Jordan’s wedding was one of my favorite exits of 2018 because of Carmen’s genuine excitement and their super awesome twirl! This Ceremony/Reception picture placed 2,724/11,696. Jenna’s gorgeous engagement ring was one of my favorite engagement ring pictures of 2018. I am honest that I am kind of disappointed that this one didn’t make it further in the category this year. I expected it to do better than top 30%, but I’m still happy with this one making 4,196/18,829 in the Wedding Details category. Another great one from Carmen and Jordan for the Ceremony/Reception category! This one was just behind the previous one at 3,487/11,696.I took this picture WHILE submissions were still be taken. I was in Savannah with Blair and David and knew I had to submit this sweet picture of the two of them from Wormsloe. This one was submitted to the Engagement/Couples category. This picture  placed 14,132/48,578. I loved this reception picture and thought it would be a fun one to share. This one placed 2,628/11,696 in the Ceremony/Reception category.

  1. tracy

    May 23rd, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    I love the Shoot and Share contest and it’s always so fun to see how other people did! I’m also pretty sure I voted on the doggie shot! Great results Mandi, congrats!

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