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Hailee and Nelson’s wedding at The Depot on Bradley goes down in history as one of the most touching and sweet weddings I have ever photographed. It probably helps that I know Hailee very well and as more than just her wedding photographer. I was her 8th grade social studies teacher back in the day as well as a Christian mentor in her life for some time. I have kept in touch with her over the years watching her graduate from high school, then head to Samford University where she met Nelson, to serving on Campus Outreach for a couple of years at my own alma mater, Berry College.

I couldn’t stop tearing up all day behind the camera. From Hailee and Nelson’s First Look moment to their pre-ceremony prayer time to their ceremony, I just kept tearing up all day! I love Hailee so much and have poured a lot into this sweet girl over the years, so it was such a blessing to me to get to be there for her special day to Nelson.

In all of my years of shooting weddings, I had never shot at a train depot and my last two weddings have been at train depots! The Depot on Bradley in Carrollton and then last month at 550 Trackside in Lawrenceville. My son, Levi, who is obsessed with trains, told me how he wanted to come and assist me at these weddings (aka play on the trains and watch trains come by)! It’s a fun type of venue with lots of really cool spots for pictures at both locations!

Hailee and Nelson were able to have their First Look and portraits outside at The Depot on Bradley before the sky let out for an hour. It POURED so hard during that time! Thankfully, it stopped and we were able to head outside and get some more pictures of the wedding party. The Depot on Bradley an old train depot with trains outside. With 24 people in the wedding party, it made for a bit of a challenge to find a spot that wide for the whole wedding party. So I did the only thing that made sense to get the shot… I climbed on top of one of the trains! HA! Yep! In all of my years of shooting weddings, I can safely say I’ve never done anything that crazy for a shot. I’ve gotten into water up to my waist, hiked 6 miles for an epic shot, laid down in (probably) tick infested grass, but I’ve never climbed on top of a train. Scroll down to see the outdoor wedding party shots and you’ll see the outcome!

Hailee and Nelson, thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I truly feel honored and blessed to have been able to capture your day and provide you with these lifetime of memories. Love y’all!

rings on invitation ring on ring box bridal details Three generations of women with their wedding dates and married initials on their handkerchief. Hailee will pass it down to her firstborn for their wedding day down the road and they will add a new set of initials and date. So many smiles from Hailee all day long! bride getting ready bride putting on shoes Nelson laughing at my empty threats to post pictures of him flossing while getting ready groom getting ready When Dad helps get rid of a string on the suit right before the First Look! groom first look Cue all of the tears!first look hug first look hug first look Gift exchange time! I love Nelson’s face here! Hailee and Nelson tell each other they love each other to Jupiter and back. He got her Jupiter! Hailee then revealed that in addition to Nelson’s gift, she had engraved that phrase inside of his wedding ring!couple present exchangeWe had such a fun time taking their portraits at The Depot on Bradley! We were able to get them all in before the sky let out! The Depot on Bradley bridal portraits The Depot on Bradley bridal party The Depot on Bradley Nelson gave all of his guys these really awesome customized glasses with their names! The Depot on Bradley wedding couple Hailee smiled and laughed all day long! The Depot on Bradley Y’all, I climbed on top of a train to get this wide shot of the wedding party! It stopped raining finally, and we were able to get a great shot of everyone! outside The Depot on Bradley bridal party Sweet moments before the ceremony The Depot on Bradley The Depot on Bradley wedding party Prayers with her girls before the ceremony And Nelson praying with his guys Nelson and his Dad sharing a sweet moment as Hailee came down the aisleThe Depot on Bradley ceremony The Depot on Bradley I love this prayer time with their parents The Depot on Bradley The Depot on Bradley flowersThe Depot on Bradley ceremony couples first dance mother son dance Time for some fun dancing! The Depot on Bradley sparklers “We’re married!!”The Depot on Bradley


  1. Rose says:

    Wow, such amazing images! Beautiful wedding!

  2. tracy says:

    Stunning wedding at the Depot on Bradley! Loving the train shots – way to get ‘er done!!

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