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Lessons from Levi

Anyone here heard of Project 365? Simply put you carry your camera around with you to capture everyday moments and post one picture a day of those moments. I realized last year that I took so few pictures of him with my camera, more of them were on my iPhone if anything, and I wanted to change that. I work so hard to get great pictures for my clients and I rarely pulled out my camera for my family. So I have tried recently to do this with Levi this year. I haven’t done a picture every single day, but I have done a lot and have loved the results!

I wanted to share a handful of some of the pictures I have taken so far of him this year. I will share throughout the year the different pictures of him if only to keep me accountable to continue doing it!

1.7.17. Snow Day 1.27.17. An Afternoon at the Park 2.2.17. Refusing to Go to Bed 2.3.17. A Day at IKEA  2.3.17. Visit with Aunt Brie 2.5.17. Playing with Daddy 2.6.17. Making Cookies with Mama  2.7.17. Donut Date with Mama at Krispy Kreme   2.12.17. Breakfast Before Church  2.21.17. Breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with Mama 2.21.17. Playing with Toys at Home


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