Today is the last edition of my Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip recap. We had day 8 in Nashville and got to hang out with some good friends, but I didn’t get any pics. Most of Day 8 was spent in the car home, so here’s the last post on our trip! Day 7 of […]

August 23, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 7 | Louisville and Bowling Green

  Day 6 of the Levi and Mama ultimate road trip included driving out to Louisville, KY to visit my friend, Natalie, and her family. I thought it would be pretty uneventful, but I was wrong. Something pretty crazy happened. You wanna read this one… I didn’t realize that I would be driving through Illinois and […]

August 21, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 6 | Louisville

Our last day in Branson came too fast! We had such a great time hanging with Jess and her family. On our last day there, we took their boat out for the morning. Recently purchased this spring, this boat has been a fun addition for their family and their weekends. I can imagine! They live […]

August 11, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 5 | Branson and St. Louis

Our first full day in Branson was nice and chill. We stayed home with the kids in the morning and let them play outside with water balloons and the water table. I’ve seen people purchase the multi-fill water balloons, but I had never seen them actually filled up before. I was pretty fascinated! The kids […]

August 9, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Days 3-4 | Branson

After our stop overnight in Calvert City, KY, Levi and I headed out to make it to Branson, MO that afternoon. We had about a 5.5 hour trip ahead of us; and according to Jess, it was a long and boring drive. And boy was she right, because soon after we left Calvert City, we […]

August 4, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 2 | Alley Spring and Branson

Our #leviandmamaultimateroadtrip began Wednesday afternoon. I picked up Levi from his summer camp he is participating in this summer and on our way we went! We drove up to Nashville for dinner to meet with a newer friend of mine, Beth, and her son, Levi. Yep, two Levi’s! I met Beth just a few months […]

August 1, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 1 | Nashville

If you follow me on social media, namely Instagram, @mandimitchellphoto or my personal account @mandimae84, you saw last week that Levi and I went on what I called our #leviandmamaultimateroadtrip (you should check out the hashtag to see some of it!) For the next week, I will be sharing each day what Levi and I […]

July 31, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi and Mama Ultimate Road Trip | The Overview

June 2nd was National Donut Day this year. It’s not a date that is set in stone each year, but one that I remember each year: it’s the first Friday in June each year. Write it on your calendars for next year. It means FREE donuts. My TimeHop was popping up the last week with […]

June 13, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Lessons from Levi | National Donut Day 2017

Anyone here heard of Project 365? Simply put you carry your camera around with you to capture everyday moments and post one picture a day of those moments. I realized last year that I took so few pictures of him with my camera, more of them were on my iPhone if anything, and I wanted […]

February 22, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Lessons from Levi | Levi 365 | January/February

Levi’s birthday is in September if you did not know that. So why am I sharing pictures in February of his birthday almost 6 months ago? I try really hard to take pictures of his birthday each year with my camera to get some pictures than just the ones I can do on my iPhone. […]

February 17, 2017

Lessons from Levi

Levi’s Birthday and a Lesson Learned

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