Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 7 | Louisville and Bowling Green

Lessons from Levi

August 23, 2017

Today is the last edition of my Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip recap. We had day 8 in Nashville and got to hang out with some good friends, but I didn’t get any pics. Most of Day 8 was spent in the car home, so here’s the last post on our trip!

Day 7 of our trip was another fun one! Natalie had some appointments that morning, so we said our goodbyes and we spent the morning in Louisville. But before that, I asked her to cut my hair! Natalie used to cut my hair for me all of the time when she lived in Macon, so it was nice to get another cut from her! Ironically enough, hardly anyone noticed I cut my hair off despite taking off 6 inches!

I decided to take Levi to the Big Four Bridge where I had gone with Natalie the night before. I debated on whether or not to take him to the Louisville Slugger Museum; and while I think he would have enjoyed that, he’s not so much into baseball and more into trains (as you know). Sense the bridge is an old converted train trestle, I had a feeling that Levi would enjoy walking on there. Throughout the trip, we would pass by and over bridges that were train trestles or looked like them. Levi would get so excited and exclaim, “Look Mama! The train bridge looks like my [toy] train bridge!” I knew he would love walking on the bridge, and I was right!

We met up with a friend for a walk on the bridge and then went and had lunch in Indiana. We walked over to a candy factory/shop where Levi got some Lego candy pieces in which are just like Lego pieces that you eat. He definitely loved them! I enjoyed the candy demonstration where they made some candy. Levi didn’t care so much for that part! Back across the bridge, we splashed around at the splash pad for a little bit afterwards.

After we left Louisville, we went down to Bowling Green to visit a train museum. This was not on the original itinerary, but when we drove through Kentucky the first day of our trip, Levi saw a ton of brochures in the hotel and picked up one with lots of fun things to do in Kentucky. I glanced through it and happened to see the train museum in Bowling Green. I knew we were going to drive through Bowling Green on our way down to Nashville, so I decided to add this stop on our trip. I am so glad we did! Levi had a blast getting to tour through a train car and the museum. I think his favorite part was the model train and getting to watch the trains!

 Glad to see Kelsey even if just for a little bit!
He seriously was in love with this bridge and loved every part of it!  Of course he finds the trains in the candy store… Kiddo really loved the Lego candy! HAHA!  Kid fell asleep within 2 minutes of getting in the car. He was SO tired! He slept the whole way from Louisville to Bowling Green. Time for some fun at the train museum in Bowling Green!  He seriously loved the model train  We have a train table at home and of course this is what he wanted to do…  I ended up getting him one Thomas book. He loves Thomas and loves to read, so of course I couldn’t say no!

  1. Lindsay

    August 30th, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    This journey you have with your son is so precious. I love that you share your life experiences.

  2. mandi

    August 30th, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Thanks so much! We had a BLAST!!! 🙂

  3. tracy

    September 11th, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    what beautiful memories to make with your son, and what a great idea to document them! he will cherish them!

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