Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Days 3-4 | Branson

Lessons from Levi

August 9, 2017

Our first full day in Branson was nice and chill. We stayed home with the kids in the morning and let them play outside with water balloons and the water table. I’ve seen people purchase the multi-fill water balloons, but I had never seen them actually filled up before. I was pretty fascinated! The kids had a blast throwing the balloons at each other. Afterwards, they ended up thinking it would be fun to wash my car off with the water from the water table! Jess and I cracked up!

Later that afternoon, Jess took us to Top of the Rock. It’s a really cool place with restaurants, a golf resort, canyon/cave, and lodge. We had a yummy Mexican dinner (you know which is my favorite) and walked around the resort and went and got some ice cream afterwards. It has a beautiful view of Table Rock Lake. I wish I could describe how gorgeous this area was. It totally makes sense that Jess said they go on date nights there often! I would too if I lived in Branson! Jess’ Dad lives near the Branson airport with a gorgeous view from his home. He literally has buffalo in his backyard! I had to take some pictures, because it was so gorgeous there!

The next day Levi and I had a few hours to ourselves in which we did the touristy side of Branson. We did Ride the Ducks and did a duck boat tour around the town and then into the water. I’ve seen Ride the Ducks before at Stone Mountain, but we had never done it before. It was a fun combination of touring the town and then going in the water. Levi loved the tour! He had such a fun time getting to ride in the water- they even let him steer the boat for a few minutes!

At the end of our Ride the Ducks tour, Levi saw The Track amusement park that had some kiddie rides and of course he saw the trains. Can anyone guess what he asked to do after the duck boat??? So yeah… I took him over to the train to ride twice. Of course he LOVED it. Kid is train obsessed for sure. We then went to The Branson Coaster, a new alpine coaster ride down the mountain. It had opened just a few days prior to us getting there, so it was a fun new attraction we got to try. Levi absolutely loved this ride. I did, too. I just wish it had been longer and not so expensive… haha. I would have done it again with him had it not cost us $30 for a 10 minute ride.

Afterwards, we went to Andy’s Frozen Custard. Jess and I drove by the night before and it was PACKED. It’s definitely a popular nighttime hangout spot. Luckily the lines weren’t there after lunchtime. I could see all of the rave about it. I really liked it, and so did Levi. We had a great time being tourists in Branson! He was so tired that he took a two hour nap afterwards!

 I swear, they did this all on their own!  Friends for almost 20 years (WHAT?!) We met in 1999 as freshmen in high school- we went to different schools, but I came to Jess’ church and joined shortly thereafter. Who says a best friend from high school has to go to your school?Um… that picture on the right has my heart melting every time I see it.  Giant sink hole that they have been excavating ever since it opened up.  View from Jess’ Dad’s house!  Ride the Ducks! We had so much fun! Someone was really tired afterwards! View from the Duck Boat on top of the mountain near Table Rock Lake Train ride at The Track  Levi and I love our ice cream! I got his for free form our Ride the Ducks trip! Yay for coupons!

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