Levi and Mama Ultimate Roadtrip | Day 2 | Alley Spring and Branson

Lessons from Levi

August 4, 2017

After our stop overnight in Calvert City, KY, Levi and I headed out to make it to Branson, MO that afternoon. We had about a 5.5 hour trip ahead of us; and according to Jess, it was a long and boring drive. And boy was she right, because soon after we left Calvert City, we got off the interstate and would be on back roads and highways with little stops along the way. There was one point that we drove for nearly 3 hours and I think we passed a McDonalds, Sonic, and two Subways! There wasn’t much along the Hwy 60 in Missouri.

When we got on these backroads at first as we headed out of Kentucky and into Missouri, there were miles and miles and miles of corn fields. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, so I thought it would be a cool opportunity to teach Levi about corn and where it comes from. We pulled over on a side road and got out and looked at the corn. I showed him the stalks and husks and where the corn was inside of it. We found one husk that had fallen down and was starting to dry out, so I picked it up and showed him what was inside and he just thought it was so cool. The rest of the trip, he would point out the corn fields when he saw them and talked about us stopping to see the corn. I love it!

So just along and around Hwy 60 is the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. This area has a ton of hiking, camping, and beautiful water and scenery. Jess’ Dad told her about this location called Alley Spring and Mill that was just super pretty and a nice place to stop and check out. It was a little off the highway, but not far enough that I didn’t want to go, so we stopped at one of the few food stops at Subway to grab some lunch for a picnic lunch. Had we had more time, I might have stopped at a few more locations along the way- maybe next time!

The spring and mill were so cool! The water was this crazy blue color because of the mineral in the rocks nearby. It looked like I was in the Caribbean with the blue water. It had this almost foggy haze look to it due to the minerals in the water. I really enjoyed taking Levi and getting to take pictures. We walked around on this very simple 1/2 mile hiking trail around the area which he loved of course! My littleman has definitely gotten my love for hiking and the outdoors!

After lunch, we headed the rest of the trip over to Branson. We were so excited once we got there! We hung out at the house for a few hours and then went to Branson’s amusement park: Silver Dollar City. Levi loves his amusement parks, so of course he loved Silver Dollar City! Because we have Six Flags here in Atlanta, he calls all amusement parks “Six Flags” so this one was the “City Six Flags.” Jess’ kids had a great time showing Levi around the park and riding with him. And of course, his favorite ride in the park was the…. TRAIN. It was tons of fun! We were wiped out at the end of the night!

Showing Levi the cornfield
Driving over the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers into Missouri Subway lunch at Alley Spring This kid LOVES maps. He loves looking at them when we hike and pointing out things. He has to stop at every map when we hike.
The mill at Alley Spring Y’all, look at that water! Like seriously!
Sweaty man in the “bear cave.” Poor kid has inherited mine and his Papa’s sweat jeans.   Inside of the mill, Levi got to practice grinding corn into corn mill. He thought this was SO COOL.  We made it to Branson! YAY! Fun trip to Silver Dollar City! About to ride one of the kiddie roller coasters. I was a little unsure seeing as he didn’t love his first one at Six Flags a few months ago, but he loved it and had a blast on the roller coaster. Check back later next week to see what he rode at Six Flags St. Louis! 

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