Levi’s Birthday and a Lesson Learned

Lessons from Levi

February 17, 2017

Levi’s birthday is in September if you did not know that. So why am I sharing pictures in February of his birthday almost 6 months ago? I try really hard to take pictures of his birthday each year with my camera to get some pictures than just the ones I can do on my iPhone. Well, I have gotten into a bad habit recently with my personal pictures I take on my camera. I often will plug my SD card into my computer, pull off a couple for social media sharing and then not import the rest of the files to edit. I have gone so far as to go and format (delete) my cards later on (without realizing it) before I’ve actually taken the rest of the pictures from the event off of the card. I thought I had done this with Levi’s birthday and was super sad that I had only two pictures from his birthday. I told myself it wasn’t the end of the world and at least I had two pictures from the party.

Last month, I was going through my cards as I was getting ready for a wedding I was second shooting and came across a card that had not been formatted. And low and behold, it was some of my personal pictures that I thought I had deleted and formatted- including Levi’s birthday! I was so excited!

I have a great system for my weddings and other sessions that I shoot for my clients. I would never even come close to losing their pictures and doing this with theirs, but I got lazy with my personal ones; so I have changed my system of importing my personal pictures and have started to treat them just like I would with my professional ones for my clients. Why not, right? I am creating memories for someone (myself) when I take pictures with my camera of my son and other things, so why not treat these pictures like I would anyone else?

So lesson learned: I will use the same system I do for myself and my pictures that I use when I take pictures for my clients. My memories are too important to loose just because I got lazy and didn’t save the pictures properly. What’s the point in bringing my camera if I’m never going to do anything with the pictures later on?

Levi’s great-uncle has made him this cake twice- once for his 1st birthday and then this year for his 3rd birthday. Levi has been that in love with Thomas that we did a 1st and 3rd birthday Thomas themed!

I make him decorated sugar cookies every year for his birthday. 1st birthday was some similar Thomas ones, last year was planes, trains, and trucks. This year, back to Thomas!

You think he’s about to blow out the candle here, nope… he’s singing happy birthday to himself while everyone else sings it!

  1. Doru

    February 17th, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I do have the same issue with my personal photos. I am glad you were able to find Levis birthday photos!

  2. mandi

    February 22nd, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks so much! I am glad, too!

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