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As an Atlanta wedding and proposal photographer for the past 16 years, I have been shooting proposals for almost just as long. With my experience, I am sharing my best Atlanta proposal locations. My proposals really picked up in 2020 after a blog post from 2019 became a top SEO hit for “Atlanta proposal photographer.” When guys are looking for an Atlanta proposal photographer for their proposal to their girlfriends, they generally Google “Atlanta proposal photographer” and find me in the top Google searches that pop up. This post has made my proposal business what it has become!

With that, I have shot nearly 30 proposals in the past 2.5 years. I have a lot of experience and have some amazing locations I have shot over the years, so it only made sense that I make a post of my best Atlanta proposal locations. Check them out below!

Piedmont Park– this location is the top one I get requested on a regular basis and the one I have shot at the most hands down. I love a Piedmont Park proposal, because it is a large park with multiple proposal options. There are a couple of iconic spots that people love for their Piedmont Park proposal, but I also love that there are some hidden gems in the park that really provide for a more intimate and quiet proposal. Most choose this location for the cityscape in the backdrop. People love this location as well, because it’s a public location and free.

proposal at Piedmont Park

Ventanas– this Atlanta rooftop proposal location is one of the best for a view of the city. This private location is perfect for an intimate proposal with a view of Atlanta. I love that I don’t have to worry about others being at the location or getting in the way. The challenge is hiding in plain site, but it’s not hard when you’re sneaky and know how to make it work! Ventanas does charge and you have to set up the proposal ahead of time.

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Atlanta Botanical Garden– this is probably my second most requested location for Atlanta proposals. It’s a spot that does charge and you have to set it up with the gardens ahead of time. People will often ask if I’m willing to just go shoot at the gardens. I will not sneak in and take pictures at this location. I shoot here too often to be put on the gardens bad list! haha! I do love this location as there are many amazing spots on the property to shoot at any time of the year!

bride reaction to proposal

Canoe– this private restaurant location is along the Chattahoochee River and a perfect one! Canoe has a backyard porch that opens up to their garden/grass space. I have shot a few proposals here and each time, it works out perfectly! Being a semi-private location, I can sit on one of the benches and the girl never suspect anything. It’s a beautiful spot right by the river anytime of the year!

Roswell Mill– this location is just down the road from my house and I love shooting here! I have done more engagement sessions here than I could ever count and a handful of proposals. In fact, I am shooting another one of these here in a few weeks! The dam, historic bridge, and walking trails provide for a perfect backdrop for a proposal making it another best Atlanta proposal location!

Millennium Gate– this spot is a new favorite of mine! I have wanted to shoot here for years and finally got the chance recently to do a proposal here. I love the Millennium Gate Museum and how iconic it is to Atlantic Station. The property around the arch is a perfect backdrop for amazing pictures. I loved this proposal, but I also loved the engagement session I did here afterwards.

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    These are all such great locations for an Atlanta proposal!

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